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Challenge List ~ 2011



2011 Challenge List ~ is a page to keep track of current challenges. It will also include links to our book reviews which will be updated periodically.

Clicking on the challenge host badges will lead you to our original challenge announcement page, where you can find a bit more info then link to the host site.

2011 Challenges


Read A Myth Challenge  ~  January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011.  Challenge site review page link

Level 4 Ogma: The God of all Myths. 8 books to cover more than 3 different countries, and at least 1 non-fiction book.

  1. Delirium ~ by Lauren Oliver (Shellie)

(links up to date)


LGBT Book Challenge 2011 ~ from January, 1st  to December, 31st 2011.

Goal ~ We read so many different types of books that many will over lap into this category, so as many as we can!


  1. Possession ~ A. S. Byatt
  2. Willy ~ Robert Dunbar




Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2011Hajime - Read one book. Shellie - hope to read more.



2011 Eastern-Europe Reading Challenge ~ Regions:  Choose titles about or by an author from any of the following regions:  Croatia, Ukraine, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Belarus, Estonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Rep., Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Romania, Moldova, and Kosovo.

Goal ~ tourist:  4 books over 12 months

The Oracle of Stamboul ~ Michael David Lukas (?)

gn2 button

Graphics Novel Challenge 2011 ~ January 1, 2011 and ends December 31, 2011.

Goal ~  We will be doing the beginner level 3 books each.

book bucket

2011 Book Bucket Reading Challenge ~ Make a list of any number of books that are in your bucket - books from on your shelf. 

Goal ~  10 books currently sitting on my shelves to read by the end of December 31, 2011.

The Afflicted Girls – Suzy Witten  (links needed)


War Through The Generations ~ US Civil War 2011 is from January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011. 

Goal ~ Dip: Read 3-5 books

  1. The Killer Angels ~ by Michael Shaara (JD)
  2. The March ~ EL Doctorow (JD)

(links up to date)

Chivalorous Deeds


Chivalrous Deeds: Historical Fiction Challenge 2011 ~ from 1 January 2011 and finish on 31 December 2011. 

You can visit any court from any point in history as long as the book you are reading is Historical Fiction.  Review post link.

The Oracle of Stamboul ~ Michael David Lukas (Shellie)

(links up to date)


Historical Tour de Genre Reading Challenge ~  January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011. Goals:  Read 6 books with at least one book from each category or sub 2 with Alternatives:  GLBT – Fantasy  - Western – Paranormal - True Crime. 


  1. Historical ~ Mystery, Whodunnit, Gas-Lit Century, Victorian
  2. Historical Horror
  3. Historical Romance/Regency: England or European continent
  4. Historical Young Adult ~ ages 14 to 21 yrs
  5. Historical Plantation ~ life on a plantation/setting
  6. Historical Thriller

Alternatives: GLBT – Fantasy - Western – Paranormal - True Crime.




(need to add link updated on Goodreads group)

2011 Global Reading Easy


2011 Global Reading Challenge: The Easy Challenge: (8 books) ~ Read one novel from each of these continents in the course of 2011.


  1. Africa
  2. Asia ~ (Tibet/China, Japan, Middle East, India/Pakistan) – finished by JD and Shellie
  3. Australasia ~ Australia/New Zealand/Pacific Islands – finished by JD 
  4. Europe ~ (Eastern, Western, UK/Ire, Nordic, Mediterranean) - finished by JD x 3 and Shellie
  5. North America ~ (Canada, Native American, CA – the United States) - finished by JD x 2 and Shellie x 3
  6. South America ~ includes Mexico and Central America 
  7. The Seventh Continent ~ Antarctica or a ´seventh´ setting, eg the sea, the space, a supernatural/paranormal world, history, the future (Arctic)  - finished by JD and Shellie
  8. From your own continent ~  John (UK/Ire) and Shellie (CA and North America) finished by JD x 3 and Shellie x 2


  1. Seven Years in Tibet ~ by Heinrich Harrer (Asia #2)
  2. The Healers ~ by Thomas Heric (Australasia #3)
  3. Beware of the Dog ~ by Brian Moore (Europe #4; #8)
  4. Mr. Toppit ~ by Charles Elton (Europe #4; #8)
  5. Life ~ by Keith Richards (Europe #4; #8)
  6. The Killer Angels ~ by Michael Shaara (North America #5)
  7. The March ~ EL Doctorow (North America #5)


  1. The Oracle of Stamboul ~ Michael David Lukas ( Asia #2)
  2. Enough About Love ~ by Hervé Le Tellier (Europe #4)
  3. Wuthering Heights ~ Emily Bronte (#4)
  4. Possession ~ A. S. Byatt (#4)
  5. Bury Your Dead ~ Louise Penny (#5; #8)
  6. Willy ~ Robert Dunbar (#5; #8)
  7. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making ~ by Catherynne M. Valente (#7)

Both need Africa and South America – Shellie needs Australasia



Get Steampunked! We have chosen the level Geared ~ 5 books to read.  review page, completion page


Dystopia Challenge ~ 2011:  Asocial with  5 books to read. review page, completion page

  1. Wither ~ Lauren DeStefano (Shellie)
  2. Delirium ~ by Lauren Oliver (Shellie)
  3. The Healers  ~ by Thomas Heric (JD)

(links up to date)


42 Challenge 2011 ~ (January 1, 2011 till  December 3, 2011)  read, watch, listen, and (possibly) review 42 sci-fi related items.

  1. Wither ~ Lauren DeStefano (Shellie)
  2. Delirium ~ by Lauren Oliver (Shellie)
  3. Home Fires ~ Gene Wolfe (JD)
  4. WWW: Wake ~ by Robert J. Sawyer (JD)
  5. The Healers ~ by Thomas Heric (JD)

  (links needed)

blog widget mind voyages tripping through the nebulae


Mind Voyages 2011 ~  From January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011

Pluto Voyage:   Mix it up, choose the number of books you want to read from each voyage, include some new books you pick up along the way and enjoy the ride.

WWW: Wake ~ by Robert J. Sawyer (JD)

(links needed)

Continuing Challenges from 2010


Understand My Sorrow: Rules - Four (4) books, one nonfiction,  with one each for Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder,  and OCD


  1. The Handbook for Lightening Strike Survivors ~ by Michele Young Stone (depression)
  2. Then Came Evening ~  Brian Hart (ptsd/drepression)
  3. Our Tragic Universe ~ Scarlett Thomas (depression/ocd)
  4. In the Wake of the Boatman ~ by Jonathon Scott Fuqua (depression)
  5. The Principles of Uncertainty ~ Maira Kalman (depression)

(links needed)

Five books down ~ more to come  - Mr. Linky review link – (not working 3/24)


Steampunk Challenge ~ October 2010 to October 2011. Link for Steampunk reviews.


  1. Voltaire’s Calligrapher ~ by Pablo De Santis
  2. “Sun of Suns”: From Virga: Cities of the Air ~ by Karl Schroeder
  3. Hawkmoon: The Sword of the Dawn ~ by Michael Moorcock
  4. The Half-Made World ~ by Felix Gilman

(links up to date)

Continuing Perpetual Five Year Challenges (Shellie only)


The Basics Challenge – Exploring Speculative Fiction: A personal project located at The Basics Challenge site. It is a 100 book challenge (with a 25% forgiveness rate.)


  1. The Oracle of Stamboul ~ Michael David Lukas (magical realism)
  2. Wither ~ Lauren DeStefano (Shellie)
  3. Blue ~ Lou Aronica
  4. Delirium ~ by Lauren Oliver (dystopian)

2009 ~ 2010

  1. The Things That Keep Us Here - Carla Buckley (adult apocalyptic)
  2. The Magic Warble – Victoria Simcox (children’s fantasy)
  3. RELEASE by Nicole Hadaway – (horror, vampire)
  4. Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan – (dark fantasy, fairytale retelling )
  5. Soulless by Gail Carrigan – (urban fantasy, steam punk, vampire, werewolf)
  6. The Metamorphosis by Frank Kafka (horror, classic, literature)
  7. The Stupidest Angel - by Christopher Moore (horror, humor, zombie)
  8. Life As We Knew It
  9. The Dead and The Gone
  10. This World We Live In (all linked here in one post) – (apocalyptic, young adult)
  11. Inside Out by Maria Snyder (young adult – girls science fiction)
  12. Cursed by Jeremy Shipp (horror- bizarro)
  13. Keeper by Kathi Appelt (young adult/tween, mythic - slipstream)
  14. The Russian Dreambook of Color and Flight by Gina Ochsner (slip stream, literary)
  15. The Song of The Whale by Uri Orlev (fant/myth)
  16. Post-Human by David Simpson (sci fi)
  17. The Passage by Justin Cronin (horror)
  18. Alone by Marissa Farrar (vamp horror/uf)
  19. One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey Comeau (lgbt horror)
  20. The Reincarnationist by MJ Rose (all three are in one post) - (paranormal)
  21. The Memorist
  22. The Hypnostist
  23. The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist (dystopian sci fi)
  24. Hothouse Flower by Margot Berwin (magical realism)
  25. The Handbook for Lightening Strike Survivors ~ by Michele Young Stone
  26. Haunted Legends ~ edited by Datlow and Mamatas
  27. Dracula by Bram Stoker
  28. My Name is Memory ~ Ann Brashares
  29. Our Tragic Universe ~ Scarlett Thomas
  30. The Arrival ~ (a wordless novel) by Shaun Tan
  31. The Tempest ~ rewritten by Ann Keay Beneduce
  32. Buddha’s Orphans: a novel ~  by Samrat Upadhyay 
  33. The Healer's War ~ by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
  34. Pathfinder ~ by Orson Scott Card

38 completed, 64 more to go 


Fill in the Gaps - This is a 100 book challenge which includes classics or books that already exist on your shelves.

  1. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury (read - review link)
  2. Something Wicked this way Comes - Ray Bradbury (complete - review link)
  3. The Road - Cormac McCarthy (complete - review link)
  4. Frankenstein - Mary Shelley 
  5. The Metamorphosis - by Frank Kafka
  6. Dracula by Bram Stoker
  7. The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins
  8. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (abandoned)
  9. Lolita ~ by Vladimir Nabokov
  10. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie ~ by Alan Bradley

10 completed, 1 abandoned - 64 to go (reviews coming on two)

Links to review site.

Yes, I do admit I am a bit of a nut, which is why I created the different sort of nut badge on the top of the post. I am sure we will be adding a few more just to complicate things a bit. Ah the tangled webs we weave…. who is that by?

If your not a book blogger and are surprised by this list you should see the real nuts. And if you are a book blogger you know who you are!  lol….. Let the reading begin!


Unknown said...

I was just going through my followers and checking out their blogs and what they were up to. I absolutely love your blog and all your challenges. You are going on my blog roll and I will keep checking up on you!
Bravo and good luck!

Unknown said...

Hi Brenda -
Thanks a lot.. I need to do that too! I also need to catch up my blog roll and get you on it.

I think I remember you as being an author? If I am correct I have made it a policy to read and review at least one book for each of our author followers.

I will be in touch.

Nicole Hadaway said...

Ooooh -- thanks for posting all these challenges, Shellie -- otherwise I might never know about some of them! And thanks for listing Release on your own, too ;-)

You know, despite it's subject matter, Lolita was one of the most beautifully written books I ever read -- I hate admitting that, because of what it's about, but I just find it to be true. And The Woman In White is always one of my favorites!

Unknown said...

Nicole -
Have you heard about Novel Challenge its a blog with a bunch of challenges which you may be interested in perusing -

Tons of them... a rabbit hole, well for my anyways.

As for your book. I linked it almost everywhere.. you do know that :) That is the one pains about these challenges is the linking and updating. Like with the post. What a fiddle. But I have yet to figure out a better way.

I was thinking if there is a way to post with out it going into everyone's feed...John's eyes glazed over when he checked out this post.

DCMetroreader said...

You're in all these challenges? You must be a speedreader. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted on the challenges!

Unknown said...

Kim -
No not speed readers...:)I have not to date done updates on challenges, thinking its boring to everyone.

I do have this link list and our 2010 completed challenge link list in case someone is really interested. For 2010 I have read a little over 60 books, and John has read 40 or so. Around a book per week. I will be creating a 2010 list here soon. Not bad - but have you seen some readers are doing 3 to 4 reviews per week around 200 books per year? Now that's amazing.

A lot of these challenges overlap so it looks like more than it is.

I don't recall you doing any challenges on your blog?

Mel u said...

great post-last year I joined 46 challenges and completed 44-so far this year I am only signed up for 4 challenges-challenges are also great community building events

Unknown said...

Mel u -
Wow that is amazing 44 challenges finished. Good for you.

As for community building events that has not been my experience for the most part.

We shall see this year. :)

JoV said...

That's 20 Challenges Shellie!!How are you going to manage that? I can't even manage half of the number!!

Good luck Shellie. All the best. I'll be cheerleading you on this year. :)

Unknown said...

JoV -
Thanks we can use all the cheerleading we can get. :)

With the two of us it should be okay - I hope. And this is nothing have you seen some other bloggers like Mel u last year did 44 - goodness.

Please do not be surprised when we join a few others... lol. Like that Nordic challenge you are part of.... *big smile*

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