Monday, January 31, 2011

Re-Release and Preview: Trouble and Her Friends ~ by Melissa Scott


Trouble and Her Friends

Tomorrow is re-release day for this award winning Science Fiction re-print by Orb (a subsidiary of Macmillan):    Trouble and Her Friends ~ by Melissa Scott

This book was originally published in 1994, and will be available in paperback  in the US and Canada –tomorrow, February 1st. It is currently available in the UK now. They all have this great cover.

Here’s a bit about the book: 

India Carless, alias Trouble, managed to stay one step ahead of the feds until she retired from life as a hacker and settled down to run a small network for an artist’s co-op.

Now someone has stolen her pseudonym and begun to use it for criminal hacking. So Trouble returns. Once the fastest gun on the electronic frontier, she has been called out of retirement for one last fight. And it’s a killer.

Less than a hundred years from now, the forces of law and order crack down on the world of the internet. It is the closing of the frontier. The hip, noir adventurers who got by on wit, bravado, and drugs, who haunt the virtual worlds of the shadows of cyberspace are up against the edges of civilization. It’s time to adapt or die.220px-Lambda_award_2008

Author Bio:   Melissa Scott lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She won the John Campbell Award at the start of her career, and is twice winner of the Lambda Award for SF, which Trouble and Her Friends won in 1994. For a listing of her books see ISFDBInternet Speculative Fiction Data Base.

Amazon links US|UK|Canada.


(Lambda Literary Awards 2008 badge via Wikipedia) – love those guys!

I am very excited about this book since there are so few LGBT award winning Science Fiction works. A big thank you to the hard working people at Orb/Tor for sending Layers of Thought a copy of this book!  Its going to the top o’ the teetering pile.  I just need to hide it from John.

Thanks for reading.

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