Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Giveaway and Release Day: Enough About Love ~ by Hervé Le Tellier (translated by Adriana Hunter)



It’s release day for Enough About Love ~ by Hervé Le Tellier, and we have it for giveaway courtesy of Other Press.

Translated from French, it is the perfect book for those wanting to read about love for up and coming Valentine’s Day.

Here is a bit more about the book:

Any man—or woman—who wants to hear nothing—or no more—about love should put this book down.

Anna and Louise could be sisters, but they don’t know each other. They are both married with children, and for the most part, they are happy. On almost the same day, Anna, a psychiatrist, crosses paths with Yves, a writer, while Louise, a lawyer, meets Anna’s analyst, Thomas. Love at first sight is still possible for those into their forties and long-married. But when you have already mapped out a life path, a passionate affair can come at a high price.

For our four characters, their lives are unexpectedly turned upside down by the deliciously inconvenient arrival of love. For Anna, meeting Yves has brought a flurry of excitement to her life and made her question her values, her reliable husband, and her responsibilities to her children. For Louise, a successful career woman in a stable and comfortable marriage, her routine is uprooted by the youthful passion she feels for Thomas.

Thought-provoking, sophisticated, and, above all, amusing, Enough About Love captures the euphoria of desire through tender and unflinching portraits of husbands, wives, and lovers.

If you cannot wait to win a copy – link to US|UK|Canada

About the Author:  Hervé Le Tellier is a writer, a journalist, a mathematician, a food critic, and a teacher.  He is the author of more than twenty books. His latest publications include the short-story collection, The Sextine Chapel, and a novella, The Intervention of a Good Man, which earned him the Prix Guanahani.

The Translator:  Adriana Hunter studied French and Drama at the University of London. She has translated over forty books and has been short-listed for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize twice. She lives in Norfolk, England.

Contest Info:

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Amanda Makepeace said...

Those forms are great, aren't they? This book sounds like a nice change of pace, so I entered. :) Fingers crossed. It's also made me remember a book I read a few years back by a French author. Time to do a search on Goodreads.

Unknown said...

Amanda -
Goodluck, I always want my friend to win :)

I just love - other press they have lovely books.. not your run of the mill and so many translations.

We have another giveaway coming up here in a few days - the complete set for the Riverworld series with the last just published by Tor. Gods of Riverworld.

They are a re-release but the covers are really nice. Classic sci fi.

I am so so happy about this form. I was killing myself doing this. I was considering stopping since figuring the winner was such a bloody fiddle. I would end up putting it off, which is why most of the winners are announced late.

Oh well..

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