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Review: The Afflicted Girls: A Novel of Salem ~ by Suzy Witten


Afflicted Girls

The Afflicted Girls: A Novel of Salem ~ by Suzy Witten (reviewed by Shellie)

When two young friends, both orphans, arrive in Salem MA in 1692, the litigious and imbalanced nature of a community sets in motion a horrific series of events. The author uses a unique perspective around why she thinks this may have occurred.

About:  This is set around actual events where the warped moral boundaries and a desire for revenge inflame the emotions of a local pastor and a selfish young woman. Situations are manipulated for personal gain, culminating in the hanging deaths of a number of its core community members - for witchcraft. Bloody scary!

It’s a historical novel about this infamous North American witch hunt, with a slightly different take on the original. The author’s slant is very plausible and extremely intriguing. While not giving this key piece away, let’s say that through some research and a bit of insightful luck or brilliance, Suzy Witten has added a theory around this 200 year old story which has created a page turning twist of a tale - a very good one at that.

Thoughts:   One of my favorite genres is horror, so I devoured this story. At the same time, because it is based on a true story it is all the more terrifying, especially since it is entirely possible that something of this nature could happen again. As well as its plausible and intriguing twist, it has complex and well developed characters -  many are easy to relate to and likable while others are naturally despicable. With its insight, it feels like a study in human nature with extreme examples of human failings. I was left on the “edge of my seat” (or the bed since I usually read at night). At one point I had to set the book aside with the downward spiraling events. 

Another element which I liked is that there is “lustiness” as a large thread throughout the story, giving it darkness and juiciness which in my opinion did not become unrealistic and standardized (one of my peeves). So if you’re looking for a “clean” read this is not a good book for you. Witten also uses language that is accessible yet with a slightly “old English style” so that you feel like it is set within the period which it occurred. These elements give depth to the story and make it perfect for a historical fiction novel.

This is an impressive independently published debut novel, even though the author has extensive writing experience - she is a Walt Disney Studios Fellowship Finalist, which you can definitely tell by reading this book. The Afflicted Girls is also the winner of The 2010 IPPY Silver Medal for Historical Fiction (Independent Publisher Book Awards). I would say that this book deserves 4.5 stars. I will be waiting for Suzy Witten’s next book since I think she is a talented writer and am curious why this book has not been snapped up by a bigger publisher. Highly recommended!

For more on Suzy Witten link to her blog, website, and Goodreads, and for more information on the book and its author please see Layers of Thought’s preview for The Afflicted Girls.

Paperback: 456 pages; DREAMWAND (October 31, 2009) US|UK|Canada.

Can you believe this is my first review for 2011? I better get crackin here!

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Sage Ravenwood said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm intrigued by anything about the Salem Witch Trials. (Hugs)Indigo

Unknown said...

Indigo -
Yes me too. I have not read anything on it in the past... the closest would be The Witch of Blackbird Pond, as a kid. Loved that...

I have seen a movie based upon the trials.. will be interested to know what you think when you do read it.

Lori Johnston said...

Fantastic review, Shellie. I have this one in my TBR pile and your review has gotten me excited about getting to it!

Happy Sunday!

Kristin said...

This book looks very interesting, and it's one I might not have known about if not for your post! Thanks so much! New follower! Drop by if you get a chance!
Kristin@ My Bookish Ways

Unknown said...

Lori -
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did... and happy luv day to you.

Kristin -
Welcome to our blog! I will be by to follow yours as well. I always reciprocate - if I can find the new reader's blog - which you have helpfully linked here.

When you get a chance to read this book I will be interested to hear your thoughts.

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