This blog was created in May of 2009 on a whim by me - Shellie, as way to keep my mind busy through life's numerous transitions, all those hills and dales (but especially those unknown precipices and crevasses - that occur from time to time.)

The name of the blog Layers of Thought came to me in a flash as I was setting up the blog at the very last instant in desperation. I had not even decided what its theme was going to be, thinking perhaps books.  It has developed as you see it now, which we are frankly astonished about. It has a been a joy, a life saver, as well as a creative, intellectual, and social outlet for myself (and John too.)

John and I have both taken a huge break from reading fiction but are back into the groove again.  Reading and learning is one of the many common interests we share, with John's pre-Shellie book shelf  being stuffed with science fiction classics and mine being very eclectic based upon my two degrees in liberal arts and liberal studies - we studied everything.

As professionals in various fields (John is a market analyst) (me a trained educator for kindergarten to grade 12, and an aesthetician - skin care specialist) we like to keep our blog as such. As with our editing every effort is made, however it is not an area of talent for either of us (I in particular stink at it) - so please read with that thought in mind.

We hope you enjoy Layers of Thought. If you don't like the content at the moment just wait a few weeks since we are all over the place, and do rely on what we read on the blog fates/gods or powers that be (publishers, authors, and publicists.)

We  respond to all our comments, and welcome your thoughts and opinions. So remember to click the "follow-up" box in the comment section to get our responses.

Cheers!  Shellie and John

*We receive complementary books from publishers, publicists, and authors which in no way affects our reviews.

**A note on affiliates: We use Amazon, Smash Words, Etsy and more, all set up as a convenience for our readers since we make nothing at all from them.

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