Monday, December 20, 2010

War Through the Generations Challenge ~ U. S. Civil War 2011



US Civil War 2011 ~ from January 1, 2011, through December 31, 2011 (purple badge links to challenge site).

The hosts state:

Rules:   This year you have options when reading your fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, etc. with the US Civil War as the primary or secondary theme. Books can take place before, during, or after the war. Books from other challenges count so long as they meet the above criteria.

  • Dip: Read 3-5 books
  • Wade: Read 6-10 books
  • Swim: Read 11 or more books

Additionally, we’ve decided that since there are so many great movies out there about U.S. Civil War, that you US Civil War 2011can substitute or add a movie or two to your list this year and have it count toward your totals.

We will be dipping into this challenge (3-5 books). Our books will be taken from Shellie’s Goodread US Civil War shelf.

This is a wonderful challenge. Serena and Anna work very hard and are extremely organized. They host some great features, such as giveaways as well as interviews.

Please note I created these badges from photographs by David Ohmer, for the challenge.

Come and join!


logankstewart said...

Cool. I don't read much historical fiction (practically none), but I've been working on a (hopeful) novel that's set in 1861, just months before the war started. It's an alternate history + SF type thing. Anyway, cool challenge, and I look forward to reading your reviews from this challenge!

Unknown said...

Logan -
I have been searching around for some speculative civil war/alt reality books for this challenge.
I have found a few. Its been interesting....the ones that have intrigued me the most are with a horror twist. But we am skipping the

I will be on watch out for your review of this book your mentioning here... :)

Unknown said...

Nice English there... we am oopa....

Just rereading - are you writing a story with this theme? :)

logankstewart said...

Yep, I'm writing it. Got ideas, I have, so hopefully I'll actually commit enough time to finishing the darned thing.

If you're wanting an SFF theme, try Cherie Priest's Boneshaker or Dreadnought. The latter is more related to the Civil War, I believe, but I've not read it, so can't say that for sure. Boneshaker, on the other hand, was a fun read.

Unknown said...

I knew one of her books from that ghost story series she wrote has a civil war theme. Wings to the Kingdom. However - I didn't know that her steam punk novels did. Thanks!

I am not sure I will be able to read the first of the series to get to the second book...since I am a slug of a reader. We shall see.

And good luck on your story. :) Who needs NaNoWriMo any way!

Bookworm Lisa said...

Thanks for the info to post the challenge. I went over to the blog and get them my info.

Unknown said...

Lisa -
You are welcome... I hope there will be some more takers for your challenge now.

I have to figure out a list for the post... Which is fun except I will have a heck of a time narrowing it down. Then I will get it posted too. :)

Anna said...

Glad you'll be joining us again! I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose, as I only have 3 books on my list to read so far.

Unknown said...

Anna -
I have been adding books like crazy on goodreads. I have meant to send you a link so you could add to the list or whatever. I have even sent a few people who have been interested to the challenge blog....

Any how thanks for all the work... :)

Looking forward to this challenge, since I know very little about the civil war. I am so bad at history.

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