Monday, November 8, 2010

Read a Myth Challenge ~ 2011



Read A Myth Challenge  ~  January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011

It is hosted by JoV of Bibliojunkie and Bina of If You Can Read This, and you “share any stories about and around mythology”. (Badge links to challenge site).

There are several levels ranging from 2 to 8 books where we have chosen:

Level 4 Ogma:  The God of all Myths!
Mix and match of any 8 books from the myth series or any mythology books, with the following conditions:

  • Must cover more than 3 different countries.
  • Must include at least 1 non-fiction book on mythology study.

What books qualify for the Read A  Myth Challenge?

1)    The book can be a re-telling of myth from any publisher.
2)    The book can be a non-fiction take on mythology.
3)    The book can be folklore or a fairy tale commonly told in your culture.

What a wonderful challenge!  We will be pulling books from Shellie’s reading shelf for Myth, Fable, and Fairytale on Goodreads and have quite a few books up for review which will fit, all within many different genres and countries.

Challenge site review page link

Our reviews will be listed and linked below:


Also ~ sort of related and not a challenge we intend to join (though I’ll definitely be lurking) is really-old-classics3the -  Really Old Classics Challenge!

If your interested in reading books which have been published prior to 1600 then this is for you! (Badge links to the challenge site.)  Sept. 1, 2010 and ending on Dec. 31st, 2010. It has already started but there still is time.

Found via Trish from Eclectic Eccentric a thoughtful blog with something for everyone.

Happy Monday! 


kel said...

Very cool challenge!!

Girls with Books
Teen Bookshelf

Unknown said...

Kel - I thought so too. I hope you join and can check out your reviews. :)

Mel u said...

thanks for sharing this-I have been a reader of JoV's blog for a long time and will be joining this challenge for sure and am glad you are also

Unknown said...

Mel u -
I am not sure how I missed that one. I guess this is a new challenge, and a great one at that.

Are you doing the really old book one too?

Mel u said...

yes I am but so far I have not gotten started on it-I am also doing the soon to start read along of Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children also hosted by JoV-in addition to that this week I am participating in NYRB week-hosted by Mrs B and Coffespoon-both located like I am in the Philippines-

Unknown said...

Wow -
Your reading plate is full... and both in the Philippines how great is that?

I have a book that is set there which I will email a recommendation on goodreads soon. Its contemporary but may be of interest due to the location. Its called Moondogs and will be released in January.

Amanda Makepeace said...

I like the sound of the Myth Challenge and it might just fit my time constraints! Coincidentally, I bought an old folklore book at a recent library sale. I'm going to drag myself through the holidays and look forward to tackling this challenge in the new year. Thanks for sharing!

JoV said...

Read-a-myth welcomes you Shellie. It is so wonderful to have you with us!

Thank you for all the kind words from you and Mel. Take care. :)

Unknown said...

Amanda -
Oh no your not christmas lover either? or is there more going on here with your recent surgery?

Me not so much either...I loved it as a kid. Not sure what the deal is the calories, the stress...

I think this is a great challenge something to look forward to for the new year.

JoV -
Cheers, thanks for creating such a great challenge and in a niche that was empty as for as I could see. Looking forward to the upcoming year, reads, reviews...

@parridhlantern said...

Oh great one's from up high, look down on us mere demi gods, or in English BLIMEY Ogma
I'VE picked Athena & if I feel a little touch of bravery I may rise higher.

Unknown said...

Gary -
Well I figured there are two of us - so two for John two for me. I am not sure who Ogma is so I really need this challenge.

Now what are you going to read? can't wait to see.

Unknown said...

Gary -
Nix that last comment, 4 for me and 4 for John... yes I think I went over board here...but hey what's a challenge if your not challenged?

I think my reasoning was is that I have a bunch of books up for review with some sort of mythic or mythology theme in them.

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