Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Wish ~ Happy Thanksgiving!


From our computer to yours ~ a natural progression for our US tradition in a satirical poem (of sorts):


Very handsome these toms….




and the delicious meal they become…..




all magically combined with some harvest libations…




and do not forget the best of the season ~ the delicious desserts!




then back to reality with a bit of relief…..






And here is where the real thanks begin ~

Thank goodness for modern medicine, and pharmacies.



The best is yet to come ~ Let the Holiday frenzies begin.


Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends and readers.


Alexia561 said...

Love it! Here's to the Holiday Frenzies! :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

David Macaulay said...

Happy Thanksgiving - your husband is a Brit? How cool is that. would love to chat some time.

Anonymous said...

The holiday frenzies: that's a good one.

May you and John have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Ah, yes, the inevitable progression...LOL.

Unknown said...

Thanks Blodeuudd -
I am waiting on your next post on another Finnish holiday or custom. They are so fun and interesting. :) hint, hint.

Alexia -
Yes the holiday frenzies... what have we done to ourselves???

John I are opting out this year and going to CA in Jan, instead of around X-mas. ... you should hear the excuse I gave my folk. *giggle*

David -
Yes John is from North Yorkshire. He loves to chat about his book reviews but leaves the other stuff alone.... so you'll only get me.

I was asking him about UK holidays similar to Thanksgiving yesterday he said you all had none.

Oh well now that your both in the US you can over eat with the best of us. :)

I hope you didn't have much trouble navigating the captcha?

I had fun with this post and actually thought about you when I created it. I was thinking now this is a Charlie post.

I hate the frenzies... and we are opting out as much as we can this year. I hope you are too!
*big hug*

Laurel -
I hate heartburn... and the older I get and the more greasy the food....Yikes!
Did I tell you we had a vegan turkey dinner? nothing with blood was killed, less fat, lower in calories, and I did not have to cook it.

Thanks for commenting friends - Have a great day and the best of fun on the biggest and most ridiculous shopping day of the year.

Now off to the shopping mall for a bit of crowd elbowing and line standing... lol...NOT!

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