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Review by Shellie: The Reincarnationist Series ~ by M. J. Rose



A page turning paranormal thriller series with historical fiction and an ancient religious belief system imbedded in the stories.

Mini Synopsizes ~  The Reincarnationist:  Some precious stones with paranormal properties have been stolen from a newly discovered pre-Christian archeological site in Rome, dating around 400 AD. The stones purportedly can help one to remember past lives.

The story is primarily set in the present but moves back in time to the 1800s and to 400 AD - with linking story lines through the past lives of several of the main characters.


The Memorist:  The second book has music at its core, where another antiquity is found which also purportedly helps one to remember past lives. It is called a memory flute.

This story is set primarily in Vienna where the flute has connections to Beethoven and ancient Hindu reincarnation beliefs. Also included are a few key characters from The Reincarnationist, making the first book an important first read.


The Hypnotist:  This third in the series, is a story based around an ancient statue of the god Hypnos. However, this artifact has powers which are more mystical and powerful than the above two antiquities.

Within The Hypnotist are connections to The Metropolitan Museum of Art – in New York, so the story revolves around art as well as some of the legal issues around US ownership of foreign artifacts.  To complicate things there are Islamic factions wishing to claim the statue as a lost national treasure.

All three connected books have people and groups vying for these paranormal items for nefarious and pure reasons. All mixed up with murder, drama, historical and factual data, as well as the paranormal - making the books, at times, heart pounding reads.

My thoughts:   This is an excellent series combining historical fiction, paranormal, ancient religious belief, and cultural information all within page turning thrillers. The books can be seen as an interesting way to begin to understand reincarnation through a variety of religions - Kabbalahism, Pre-Christian Paganism, pre 400 AD Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and more.

Here is a key quote  from the first book, The Reincarnationist, which describes the religious fears around reincarnation regardless of the author’s manufactured stones; these fears are at the heart of the series:

Weren’t the highest echelons of the church worried about the magic stones? And for good reason. If man discovered that Nirvana was within his reach – if it was in his own hands, not in the hand of God – What authority would the church hold over him?

This is interesting when looking at if from the perspective that various religions through the centuries have been extinguished for reasons as suggested above – fear of loss of power, and control of their adherents. (The books include much of this type of insight).

As for the actual writing – Rose has a style that flows so easily that one may think it would be easy to replicate.  However, it is often the experts who appear to make their art look simple. I am thinking that this is the case with this author.

I also like that the books have been written with short and exciting chapters so they are easy to pick up and put down, but one could carry on and complete each of the books in a couple of sittings. Also included at the end of the books are listings for further reading, for those so inclined.

I hope that the latest of the series, The Hypnotist, which I have yet to complete, is not the last of the collection. I am looking forward to reading more about the other “memory tools” which she has mentioned in the last two books.

I give this series a 4 star, with parts of the book reaching a 4.5 star. Its a great series which I completely enjoyed. A highly recommended escapist story, as well as insightful reading.



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Anna said...

I'm glad you're enjoying The Hypnotist. I thought the first two were interesting, especially the parts of the story taking place in the past. The idea of the memory tools is fascinating.

Unknown said...

Anna -
Yes I think that this last one is the best of the series so far.

I will be by to check your review out as soon as we get home when the connection is better, since I do believe that you are part of the tour?
Thanks for stopping by..

LisaMM said...

Hi Shellie! I'm so glad you're enjoying The Hypnotist and that you found the whole series to be really good!! Thanks so much for being on the tour. We really appreciate it!

Unknown said...

Lisa -
Thanks its been my pleasure! I did have the books on my tbr list so all the better. Looking forward to her next book in the series... I hope. :)

Lisa said...

I have never ever heard of this series! But it sounds like it's right up my alley. I'm not even kidding! Going to surf it immediately.

Unknown said...

Lisa -
I think you will love love this series.

The first two you can pick up at the local library and the latest you can win from here blog. Did you see the contest?

Will be by to read your blog very soon. :)

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