Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review by Shellie: Post –Human by David Simpson



*David is hosting a giveaway of his book but it ends today – Saturday, June 26th. To enter see the bottom of this post!*


In this future world humans are not aging, there is no disease, and their IQs have been enhanced - but at what cost?

Mini Synopsis:  Set within a future dystopian world where nanotechnology has cured aging, death, and disease. All humans are dependent upon the main computer: AI – Artificial Intelligence, for everything including daily downloads, as well as for food, and increased IQ for everyone. Humans and robots are beginning to terra form other planets within the Solar System to house the inevitable population explosion. 

Which brings us to the main character, whom is an extra ordinary natural genius at 25 years old. His name is James Keats, and as the planet’s youngest genius, he is attempting to transform the Venusian landscape for habitation. When doing so, he and his crew escape their latest infected nano technology download, due to some apparent electrical malfunction. After that its a fight for their lives, in this combo dystopian/apocalyptic fantastical sci-fi novel.

My Thoughts:  This is a short book, with a lot of big ideas. It has a fun and action imbued plot, with some very interesting ideas about a future world for our planet. A very fun, action packed read.

My thought is that, although I believe it was created as an adult novel, it felt more like a young adult novel but with some adult themes and language. Which is why I am so glad to hear David Simpson has created a graphic novel based upon the story. I do think Post -Human will be an incredible adult, or older teen graphic novel.

I also believe that if the book could be extended and fleshed out to include more character development, enhanced dialogue, more scientific explanations of his grand ideas, and a bit more world building (which I was really craving with all the action and technology) it would truly make this book outstanding.

Since this is David Simpson’s first novel, I would say it is an excellent effort for a self published author. With editing errors at a minimum, a great story line, and some interesting scientific concepts, I really enjoyed it. I am hoping to see it in graphic format and can’t wait to see what this creative author/entrepreneur will do next. I say 3.5 stars. Great first self published novel effort!


For more information on the book and the author please see Layers of Thought's preview for Post –Human. Links for purchasing Post -Human are only available through Amazon: US/UK/Canada.

David’s latest contact information is – Facebook, Website, Blogtwitter, and 

*If you would like to try your luck, David is currently hosting a  giveaway for Post -Human, so if your interested in a signed copy of the book please go to Facebook.  It ends today Saturday, June 26th so hurry.*

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone and thanks for reading Layers of Thought.


Heidi V said...

This does sound like a good read!

Thanks for the review...

Unknown said...

Heidi -

I enjoyed it - its wild ride... I hope you signed up for the giveaway?

Thanks for commenting :)

Alexia561 said...

Enjoyed your review! Sounds like an interesting, fast read. Love the idea of a graphic novel version!

Unknown said...

Alexia -
Yes its fun.. hes got some great ideas embedded in this short story.

Hes has some samples of the GN pages on his website.

Blodeuedd said...

Sounds interesting, and I do like anything Dystopian really

Unknown said...

Blodeuedd -
Me too... I love dystopian.

This book is really sci fi with some dystopian elements to it.

It has an action packed plot as well. I am thinking the graphic format is going to be really good for the book.

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