Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preview: POST -HUMAN by David Simpson


Amazon Book Stats:

  • Paperback: 180 pages
  • Publisher: IUniverse (April 15, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1440136874
  • ISBN-13: 978-1440136870
  • Genre: Science Fiction

    Book Description:

    The future should have been perfect. Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight. You were supposed to be able to have anything you wanted with a simple thought, to be able to fly without the aid of a machine, to be able to live forever. But when a small group of five terraformers working on Venus return to Earth, they discover that every other human in the solar system has been gruesomely murdered. Now, James Keats and his four companions must discover what happened to the rest of humanity and fight back if they wish to avoid the same, horrifying fate. Welcome to the post-human era.


  • Author Bio:

    David Simpson has a Master's degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia and he lives in Vancouver, Canada. He was born in Northern Ireland and is the son of a Northern Irish Catholic father and a Scottish Protestant mother. He comes from a long line of writers including his distant relative, the immortal Robert Burns.

    Post-Human was born out of David's Master's thesis in which he focused on dystopian, speculative fiction. His creative writing training, specifically in screenplay writing, helped him to create the fast-paced, movie-like feel of the novel.

    He's currently working on the sequel to Post-Human while teaching English Literature and developing numerous writing projects. If he has any spare time, he watches the Vancouver Canucks not winning the Stanley Cup and breaking his heart or goes to a movie... IF he has any spare time.

    Connect with David on Twitter, Goodreads, Post Human’s web site.

    Watch the very cool extended version book trailer for Post Human

    Post Human is only available through Amazon - links US/UK/Canada 

    This book was given to Layers of Thought for review by the author. Thanks David!

    Review coming soon!


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for posting this, Shellie. David and I connected on Goodreads, and I'm glad I got to see the book trailer for Post-Human -- it is indeed different, and very well-done; I like the use of live-action (humans and all). I do love the paranormal world of vampires and werewolves, but with all the Twilight buzz lately, it's nice to see some good old-fashioned dystopian sci-fi a la Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. coming out.

    I'll be looking forward to the review!

    Bleuette said...

    Sounds really good!

    Unknown said...

    Nicole -
    I thought so too. I have not read anything by Vonnegut yet but he is on my list.

    I do love Sci Fi and was glad when he contacted me with his book.

    I really like working with new authors they are often still accessible.

    Maria -
    Thanks for the comment and your support!

    Charlie said...

    Boy, I'll bet there was a huge download of intelligence--if the recipient was smart enough to think of it, that is.

    What with your hob-knobbing with authors, Shellie, I hope you don't go snooty on us.

    Unknown said...

    Charlie -
    Hmm the first bit I'm a bit lost???
    Perhaps that's the point...

    As for the second bit if I hadn't gotten all snobby being gorgeous most of my life these authors certainly aren't going to do it for me. :)

    Its good for the ego getting a bit older - sag, bag, fat, wrinkles, eyesight going.... and I even haven't mentioned the unmentionables yet.

    You certainly got John going about that book post. I ordered it from the library for him today.

    I also love the musical breast implants.

    Charlie said...

    The first part of my comment comes from the description of the book:

    "Microscopic robots known as nans could repair any damage to your body, keep you young by resetting your cellular clocks, and allow you to download upgrades like intelligence, muscle strength, and eyesight." [Bold is mine]

    Now it should make sense.

    Unknown said...

    Charlie -
    I get it now... lol

    Its pretty obvious that I could use a nan-intelligence download. :)

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