Thursday, June 3, 2010

Events and Challenges: 48 Hour Book Challenge, Bloggiesta #3, Rhiannon Hart’s Dystopian Challenge, and 2010 Scandinavian Challenge



Events and Challenges to Share!


Mother Reader is hosting her Fifth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge. This event is June 4th through June 6th - this weekend. I have not seen this challenge before but from skimming the post it looks like there will be prizes and around 100 participants.



Bloggiesta Ole! blogiesta

Bloggiesta is coming – June 11th, 12th, and 13th. This is a  fun event where you can improve your blog as well as connect with others. It is Maw Book’s 3rd Bloggiesta. It has a ton of  updates on Twitter and prizes, all with the added benefit of creating a better blog. If you can’t join I recommend lurking. There will be a ton of tips that any kind of blogger can use.

So break out the tequila and coffee for some weekend fun!


dystopia button 2010

Gotta Love Dystopias!

Rhiannon Hart is having her second The 2010 Dystopia Challenge, where she reads and reviews a number of dystopian novels. You can follow her posts as well as join in the challenge. It is a self contained challenge where you will be keeping track of your progress with no other blog posting. Recommended if you love young adult sci fi combined with thoughtful as well as intelligent reviews.




Do You Love Translations? 

This challenge has already started. It is another self contained challenge called the 2010 Scandinavian Challenge. The host – The Black Sheep Dances has a list of others whom are part of the challenge but you are on your own with posts and finding other’s reviews.



Beyond that have a happy Thursday everyone. Its almost the weekend!


DCMetroreader said...

Thanks for posting the info on the Bloggiesta. I may check it out.

Unknown said...

Kim -
Even if you just lurk, it should be helpful. If you twitter the hashtag #bloggiesta will keep you updated with tons of links. :)

Rhiannon Hart said...

Ooh, thanks for posting about my challenge! And great new layout, I haven't been here in a little while :D

Unknown said...

Rhiannon -
But of course I posted about it. Its the best. :)

Thanks about the new layout. Its created some confusion since a few readers did not think they were at the right spot. lol

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