Monday, February 15, 2010

I have been “nooked” - and I think I am in lust!


What is so much fun is that I have already added close to 50 free ebooks from a variety of downloadable sites and I’ve just started.

Barnes and Noble allows you to read the first several chapters of most of the books they have in eformat. It only takes a few seconds to download from almost any wireless internet connection. I have gone a bit nuts and downloaded 10 samples on my nook already. I have yet to purchase an ebook from them.

The local Phoenix Digital Library  has a large variety of downloadable ebooks. But you must have a local library card – I do know that several readers are local book bloggers.

Here are two ebook and one ezine publishers of speculative fiction sites with inexpensive and quality reads:

I also found a site which converts docs into pdf format. It is 30 dollars.  I have tested the free version of it and it looks good for those documents that are long which I do not want to print out or sit in front of the computer for. I believe Adobe has this function on one of its products but its cost is around 300 dollars. Please correct me on this or suggest otherwise. The link for the program is below:

PDF-file Conversion

On to even more interesting stuff… actual books:

The first book on my list which will be finished on the ereader is RELEASE by Nicole Hadaway. It is so much nicer than in printed out paper format and yes the review is coming very soon.

Other ebooks from author’s being featured here on Layers of Thought are and which I am excited to read are:

And several others which I have yet to post previews for. To have such problems… So many books, so little time…Frank Zappa.

The above list is exactly why I knew I “needed” an ereader. In my attempt to read ebooks in other ways I found that it just doesn’t work well. For example, reading on a computer after you’ve been sitting at one all day long or printing out the books - both are awkward. Besides you get back cramps and paper cuts, and what’s worse is that you can’t take your computer to bed. But ultimately the deciding factor for the nook purchase came when I held the demo in my hand at the local Barnes and Noble. Its aesthetically pleasing, easy to hold, and works for the variety of formats which I need it for.

I do have a few complaints about the nook, but what do you expect from a first generation electronics device? I will however save the complaints for a future post, perhaps when the newness has worn off.

Beyond that we won’t get into the “nook(ie) and lust” connection in this post…I’ve had enough of that with Valentines day. Cute name but did they forget the connotation for “nookie”.. here and in the UK?

I do know a number of you have purchased ereaders recently – I’ve hounded several of you. So what are your thoughts or rants about ereaders? Links for free ereads? anything else within this line of thinking?

Thanks for reading Layers of Thought.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Congrats on you Nook. Hope u enjoy it.

I have the Kindle, and love it, but it will never replace the experience of holding a real book IMO :)

Unknown said...

Diane -
I am enjoying it... yes real books are better.

DCMetroreader said...

Congrats on the new Nook Shellie! I don't have an ereader, but I bought my mom a Kindle DX for Xmas, but she hasn't started using it yet so I might eventually inherit it. Is there a particular reason why you choose the Nook over the Kindle or the Sony e-reader?

Unknown said...

Kim -
Thanks... I am having fun and relieved at not having to print my ebooks and read them as such and reading from the computer stinks.

You as an avid reader/reviewer/blogger and commuter should have an ereader. I believe most of the publishers and publicist which you are receiving books from would be delighted.

Inheriting is a good thing, although it does sometimes come at a price. Like bribery and cajoling.:)

I personally have had no interest in owning a Kindle. It is too propitiatory. The Sony did not have enough space and no internet linkage. When the nook came out it just felt like the right deal. Although I have a suspicion the Apple will surpass all.. but the price is hefty...

Andrea said...

I got a Nook for Christmas and I love it. I'm on my 4th book with it and find it so easy to read and so nice. I've had a few problems with the bookmarking function but it seems to be doing ok now. Mostly I've gotten free books from Google and bought from B&N and gotten lots of samples. I'm still using my Christmas gift cards so I haven't got too crazy with the buying.

Anyway, enjoy and I will check out the links you put up. Thanks.

Blodeuedd said...

Oh..nookie, oops.

I do want an e-reader, it would be so much easier, now I hide from e-books. I read a few a year

Jennifer said...

I just got my Nook a couple of weeks ago and I am so excited!! I actually just came across netgalley where you can review ARCs in an ebook format - awesome!! I don't have any bad things to say about my Nook yet, other than actually opening the darn package!! I mean, really? They have instructions for opening the package?!?! LOL!! I'm not searching for a nice cover for it.. I'm eyeing up that lime green one with the Martin Tupper quote on it.. :) Enjoy reading!!!

Unknown said...

Andrea -
Yes I remember your post... I tried to find it and link it here but no go.

Me too I have yet to purchase a book from B&N. I will have to check out Google Thanks.

I have not had problems with the bookmark function yet but will have to check it out. I am having issues with the battery - it is not lasting more than two days, as well as the inability to use the highlight function, the dictionary, or show the covers on any other document than the ones from B&N.

Perhaps I will call them today.

Blodeudd -
Welcome... I love your choices in books. :)

I was hiding too but the list got too big to ignore.

I'm curious about your name Blodeudd? and your blog title?

Unknown said...

Jennifer -
Lol.. we had the exact same problem....John had to open it since I could not and it took him at least 5 minutes. He was more than slightly annoyed.

A reviewer at "Shelf Awareness" also noted that this was a problem. (Which I highly recommend for reviewers as well- although only hard copies are given out.)

Thanks for the tip for the review site. I will check that out. :)

I am waiting for my cover too... I ordered a black one so it feels like a book. Oh and the light thingy is really nice although it does reflect on the screen if your not careful.

I am glad to see you are having no complaints I noted above in my response to Andrea's comment. We shall see how customer service responds - perhaps a ranty post later?

Thanks for the comment everyone!

Jennifer said...

Oh I love Shelf Awareness! One of my best finds for bookish news!! Good luck with Customer Service!!

Unknown said...

Jennifer -
Yes...I love Shelf Awareness and thankyou.
I think maybe tomorrow when I am fresh for contacting B&N?

Anonymous said...

I think you made the right choice with the Nook (and nookie), so I won't try to compete with you.

And besides, I hate the Kindle2. I've had no problems with it, but it is NOT the same as reading a real book.

I just finished King's Under the Dome, and the map is so tiny it cannot be read--or enlarged. There is a long list of characters, too, which you can't just flip back to to look someone up.

As soon as my eyesight is better, it'll be back to books for me.

I hope, however, that you enjoy your reader.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
Darn it all...that totally stinks. I was hoping for a feisty show down with you. :)

No reading an ereader is not the same as a real book. I will never give the real ones up.

I'm thinking your a bit of Luddite?
First the phone and now the ereader. But that conflicts with the blogging... so perhaps not.

Did you see the link to the Phoenix digital library since your local?

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it! How does it compare to a Kindle?

Unknown said...

Laurel -
Its fun...:)I just finished my first book on it last night.

As for Kindle comparisons...
I never really wanted a Kindle, and have never handled one.
They are very close technologically but I don't think Kindle accepts as many formats. In my opinion it is not as aesthetically pleasing and doesn't have color or a touch screen or wi fi or support epub formats.

Here is a link for the B&N comparison of the Kindle2 and the nook if your interested -

Are you thinking of getting one?

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