Thursday, December 17, 2009

Preview for Mommy’s Black Eye: Children Dealing With Domestic Violence ~ by William Bentrim (illustrations by Christi Schofield)



This is a preview with author information, author’s book blurb and purchasing links. An opinion will come later in the review.

Mommy’s Black Eye ~ by William G. Bentrim

Book Description:  Domestic violence exists. That is a simple disturbing fact. It isn't something that should be ignored or swept under the rug. It is imperative to face this problem, acknowledge it's existence and do our best to aid those who are exposed to it. Children, all too often, are susceptible to accepting responsibility for their parent's bad behavior. They need to understand that they are not responsible for the violence. This book attempts to explain a very complicated issue to young children. It is focused on pre-school to middle school children. It is not designed as a panacea, merely an attempt to help them understand what is going on in their lives.

4a7051c88da0c29afd833210.L_thumb[2]Author’s Personal Bio:    I'm a former teacher, guidance counselor and current parent and grandparent. After spending ten years in education as a teacher and guidance counselor, I purchased a convenience store and provided full service counseling with the bread and milk. The retail environment allowed the flexibility to work as many hours as I wanted as well as the flexibility to be a room parent for my children for 9 consecutive years. An agreement to make our children our primary priority and our careers secondary, was a precursor to my wife and I being parents. We have both endeavored to stay faithful to that agreement unto the next generation, our grandchildren. Prior to selling the convenience store, I founded a computer business. Computers and their myriad nuances occupied me until we sold that business several years ago and mostly retired. My time today is spent reveling in my grandchildren, babysitting, golfing, reading, blogging and enjoying the opportunity to try many things that were proscribed by tight time parameters in the past. As an avid reader, one of my life long goals has been to become an author. As I have a truly eclectic nature, I suspect that my work will span multiple genres. My hope is that what I write will be of benefit not just to me but perhaps to those who may enjoy or even learn from what I write. My life has been blessed by four decades of happy marriage, wonderful children and now astoundingly wonderful grandchildren. I learn new things everyday and hope to continue to learn as I age. My family has been my priority all my life and I see no reason to alter what has worked so well.

To contact the William Bentrim link to one of his blogs Pick of the Literate, Money Saving Tech Tips, his professional website, or to his page on Goodreads.

Amazon purchasing links for US|UK|Canada.

  • Paperback: 28 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (November 29, 2009)

William has several other books one which has be reviewed here - Daddy Goes on a Trip.

Personal thoughts and review coming soon!


Unknown said...

wow, that title is pretty straight forward! It's an important issue that needs to be addressed!

Unknown said...

Shelley -
Yes I agree it is important.

I really liked the last book of his that I reviewed by Bill - Daddy goes on a Trip.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your getting over you reading rut. :)

ibpurpledragon said...

Thanks for the comment, sadly as a school counselor, I often saw things that were pretty sad. This book is never going to be a big seller but if I can get it into the hands of counselors and maybe help a kid or two I will be more than satisfied.

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