Friday, December 18, 2009

42 Challenge 2010 – 42 Science Fiction Reviews (not just books – movies, interviews, podcasts… and more)

challenge422010 (Click on the badge to access the site to follow the reviews or join the challenge)

Yes, another challenge!

“Are you nuts?” you say.

I say “Yep, pistachio! and these challenges overlap.” *silly grin*

Here is the 42 Challenge 2010 (hosted by Becky form Becky’s Book Reviews) – in which 42 references an element within the Hitchhikers' Guide series which neither John or I have read. (I did try in high school but we won’t mention that.) An explanation for the 42 reference is on the Wikipedia page which is linked on the series title above.

Challenge Specs Taken from the Site:

  • 42 Challenge (for 2010)
  • Officially starts January 1, 2010 Officially ends December 3, 2010
  • Your mission--if you choose to accept it--is to read, watch, listen, and (possibly) review 42 sci-fi related items.
  • What counts? Short stories, novellas, novels, radio show episodes, television show episodes, movies, graphic novels, comic books, audio books, essays about science fiction, biographies about sci-fi authors, etc. Adapted or abridged works are okay as well.

This sounds like a fun and flexible challenge. One where both John and I can post our nerdy “Science Fiction Addiction” thoughts and reviews. We will be accessing most of our books from Shellie’s list on Goodreads - Science Fiction and JD’s ancient science fiction book collection  at home.  Maybe we will make the 42?

Come join the fun!

All reviews for this challenge will be listed and linked below:

  1. Eon by Greg Bear – read by JD
  2. Life As We Knew It
  3. The Dead and The Gone
  4. This World We Live In (all linked here in one post)
  5. Inside Out by Maria Snyder
  6. The Quiet War by Paul McAuley
  7. The Army of the Republic by Stuart Archer Cohen
7 down 35 to go!

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