Friday, February 19, 2010

Giveaway: Five Ebooks with a Christian Horror Theme – Dance on Fire by James Garcia Jr.

Dance on Fire by James Garcia Jr copy

Knowing that a number of readers here at Layers of Thought enjoy reading Christian genre books, here are five free Ebooks in different formats at Free Ebook Friday – Dance on Fire at  All Things Smart and Scary.

Contest info taken directly from Nicole’s blog.


Here's the blurb:

Two Kingsburg police officers have been butchered in an attack as ferocious as it is mystifying. Now two detectives and their families are being drawn into a battle that threatens to destroy them and those around them. In a marriage of horror and Christian themes of good conquering evil and redemption, Dance on Fire is the fictional account of characters drawn into the fire by supernatural forces.

If you want to read a more detailed teaser, you can go to James's Facebook page right here, and if you want to know more about James, he's now got his own awesome-looking blog.

Contest will run until Sunday night, with winners being announced on Monday. Here's the contest question:

*In James's short story, Max, posted earlier on this blog, what's the name and sex of the cat for whom Audrey is looking?*


To enter the contest please leave your comments and answers at All Things Smart and Scary. Have fun and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this on your blog, Shellie! Hugs!

Unknown said...

Nicole -
Absolutely, he added me as a follower so I thought it would help. I have a bunch of Christian readers as well - besides I almost always get your giveaways up here. :)

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