Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween to all our Ghoulish Fiends and Readers!

“Where there is no imagination there is no horror."  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, British writer

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In order to celebrate a favorite horror and fun filled day we thought you may like to see us how we truly are. And to invite you all to dinner. We know what we will be having – our guests… *evil grin*

Without further wait here is the Gruesome Twosome! Don’t we make a charming pair? The two photos of Shellie are before and after a  bit of plastic surgery. Notice the smile? Beauty does that to a girl and perhaps being fully fed on doctor flesh. It appears the doctor  forgot his surgical tool in her neck. Go figure?

ZOMBIELAND_1256932397792  ZOMBIELAND_1256939650821ZOMBIELAND_1256934919125

Or perhaps it was some undead coupling that made her smile. Gives a new meaning to the phrase “eating head”. Totally tasteless I know  it was John’s idea (its that slightly off color British sense of humor – gotta love it.)

Well enough of that horror story -  and on to the the truly fun stuff, you too can be a Zombie. If only for a moment, yet forever immortalized on your computer hard drive. Go here if you would like to zombify yourself.

For some further entertainment that is appropriate to the season  and connected to zombies - a musical video which is horrifically and sadly appropriate to the post’s theme:

The quality is not great and stops uncomfortably but we thought it beat the 9 minute full video version. Which most of us have all seen a gazillion times. We all have enough to go through in our Google readers.

And in case your felt you were missing some bookish stuff, here is a review of The Forest of Hands and Teeth with links for zombie paraphernalia, more than you ever wanted to read about.

We hope you all have a safe, and slightly insane Halloween!

Coming tomorrow the announcement of the winners for the WWII Historical Vampire novel RELEASE by Nicole Hadaway.


Unknown said...

That's too cool. Thanks for the links Shellie, I did actually 'zombify' myself too. Too hilarious!

Unknown said...

Lily -
Link it here we would love to see it!

Krista said...

You guys look awesome! Love it :)

Heh, and I love Thriller :) Great post guys! Scary too! ;)

Unknown said...

Krista -

Thanks, we had a blast! We took the pictures this morning and I did the editing. I was wetting my pants from laughing. Kind of a way to get into the spirit - so to speak.

If you zombify your self post a link here?

Rhiannon Hart said...

Happy Halloween! It's actually Derby Day in Melbourne too (horse racing) so there monsters AND frocked up ladies and gents wandering the street. Make me want to put on a dress and heels, splatter myself with fake blood and stumble down to the betting ring going grrr argggggh...

Unknown said...

Rhiannon -
If you do we want to see pictures, lots of them - especially you and a few of the attendees that you shock with your antics. kk?

Anonymous said...

Cripes, Shellie, you look downright creepy! At least I don't have to pre-plan tonight's nightmare.

I have a post in the Halloween spirit too:

Happy Holloweenie!

Good work, lady and gent.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
LOL! I was just on my way over....

I feel honored to be in your dreams however disturbing they may be... *evil grin*

Anonymous said...

OMG! Those are awesome!

Unknown said...

J. Kaye -
Now its your turn.... you could make them so bad that no one would recognize you. Incognito Zombies - a family of would be the talk of the blogoshpere..... lol!

Thanks for the shout out!

DCMetroreader said...

Great seasonally appropriate post! Happy Halloween to you too!

logankstewart said...

That was pretty fun. Thanks for sharing, both the link and your own pics.

Unknown said...

Kim -
Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed it. I had a blast doing it.

Logan -
If you Zombify yourself We want to see it too.

Take care everyone until next year. Now off to figure out something appropriately "turkeyish". *sneaky grin*

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