Monday, October 12, 2009

Bits and Bobs from around the Blogosphere

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Layers of Thought has a new url. Its now (some bloody goof-la took one week prior to me signing up for the new one – as they say to the slow on the uptake “you snooze you loose”).

Also with the url change our blog roll listing has disappeared – so now is your chance, if you are a reader and would like to be on our blog roll please contact me. Choose the category you would like your blog to be listed in or recommend a new one which I may potentially add. I also cannot connect with a few readers since some of do not have links attached to their Google follower pics. Please check yours.

Jimmy Bastard is up and blogging after a mild stroke. His blog is darkly creative and is based in Scotland. If you can get beyond the language difference – Aye tis a thick one - it definitely thought provoking. Check it out and say hello!

The Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-Thon is on Saturday October 24th. You can sign up as a reader or a cheerleader. I am opting for the latter since the first sounds a bit masochistic - but who isn’t into a bit of self torture… tis the season.

Books on the Night Stand is hosting a Young Adult Dystopian Challenge. It started October 5 and runs till December 31. I adore their podcast which is available through iTunes and partly responsible for an uncontrollable tbr book pile.

Twitter Links Galore. I found an interesting thread from Ning Book Blogs group Bloggin Tips created by Natasha at Maw Books. There are an amazing number of useful links for twitter and other information for bloggers. I am on a Twitter kick at the moment so if you are not linked with me there yet please do so. Thanks Natasha!

Have you heard about GLUE? If not perhaps you should check it out. Its an interesting way to connect with others on what you like and what you don’t like within the entertainment business – books, movies, electronics, and more… Get Glue! link with me here.

Peter from Pizza’s Book Discussion is looking for other young adult male book bloggers. Pizza is in my list of readers here and a friend on Goodreads. He likes speculative fiction. I found this information from J. Kaye’s Book Blog on her A Book Blogger’s New Discovery meme. If you know of any bloggers in this category or close to it please send them his way or mine so that I can pass it on. 

Vlogging is on the upswing and they are popping up everywhere. I have three listed here:

Amanda from The Zen Leaf is also participating in the National Novel Writing Month. It starts November 1 and ends the 31. She is looking for buddies. If you are a writer and interested in connecting with her or joining the fun please see the attached link.

Rhiannon Hart  has just informed her readers that her book series has been accepted by a publisher. Yeah Rhiannon! Rhiannon has an interest in Dystopian Young Adult novels and writes exceptional reviews. I can’t wait to read her books.

We also have our first recorded win from a new follower for Gotta Love Giveaways! Sheila who has a blog with more give aways won Catching Fire from Rhiannon’s Blog. Congrats to Sheila!

Gabriel Madison who’s book Three Seeds has been previewed here has been interviewed at Fantasy Dreamer’s Rambling. If you have any questions for him you can do so with the above link. I have finally finished his book and a review will be coming soon!

Grasping for the Wind is having a contest to help him find a header for his new template – he’s giving the winner a choice of 5 books, and runners up get to choose from 3, 2, and 1 from his list of 27 science fiction/ fantasy titles. All appear to be relatively new  and some are ARCs.

Grasping for the Wind is also doing its second in the a series of link up memes for Science Fiction and Fantasy reviewers. If you review Speculative Fiction you should connect with this meme. (note the little badge at the top of the blog – I did that).

Melissa from Must Read Faster is looking for bloggers or anyone who would like a some extra income. You need a facebook account and would be rating non English blogs for their English skills. Check with her for details.

Nicole the Author of Release – Her first novel and a vampire tale (which will be previewed here soon) has two very cute vampire related items posted on her blog – a blood necklace and vampire welcome mat. Fun stuff!

I hope that you make some connections through this post, it took me all day, and spread the word. Feel free to link additional info in the comment section and please let me know if any of the links I have created here are not working. Thanks.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the various shout-outs! I'm glad you like the vlogs. :D We enjoy making them.

I'll update my reader to your new address!

Unknown said...

Amanda -
My pleasure... I hope you connect with some of our readers...:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, Shellie! Today's post is mostly about the Vampire Film Festival -- but there's a mention of Halloween Carols in there too! Yes! Halloween Carols - someone's gone and done an album of them (pretty good one, too, from the listen of it)!

logankstewart said...

Congratulations on winning the signed Brandon Sanderson Warbreaker! That's awesome.

Unknown said...

Nicole -
Thats so fun Halloween I wish I would have known it would have been great to add....

Logan -
I wish - I thought so too and I got all excited but its only Alec being a pooty - I did not win he's just torturing me since he knew I wanted the book soo much.
He's using my snarky comment as an example and making it bigger than the winners.
Oh well :)

Donna said...

Great link up! Thanks for the mention. I'm looking forward to your review of Three Seeds.

Unknown said...

Donna -
Thanks. You know I should have waited a day before I posted it. I forgot a few things I have floating around... yikes.
Your welcome! Yes I will be linking you on Three Seeds as well.

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