Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preview: The Shimmer by David Morrell


  • The Shimmer
    By David Morrell
    Published by Vanguard Press
    July 2009; 978-1-59315-537-7

Book Info:

Creator of Rambo and co-founder of the International Thriller Writers organization, David Morrell has been called "the father of the modem action novel." Now this award-winning, New York Times bestselling author delivers The Shimmer, a novel of chilling impact.

When police officer Dan Page's wife disappears, her trail leads to Rostov, a remote Texas town where unexplained phenomena attract hundreds of spectators each night. Not merely curious, these onlookers are compelled to reach this tiny community and gaze at the mysterious Rostov Lights.

But more than the faithful are drawn there. A gunman begins shooting at the lights, screaming "Go back to hell where you came from!" then turns his rifle on the innocent bystanders. As more and more people are drawn to the scene of the massacre, the stage is set for even greater bloodshed.

To save his wife, Page must solve the mystery of the Rostov Lights. In the process, he uncovers a deadly government secret dating back to the First World War. The lights are more dangerous than anyone ever imagined, but even more deadly are those who try to exploit forces beyond their control.

With The Shimmer, David Morrell takes readers on a brilliant, terrifying journey. Suspenseful, yet thought-provoking, it is the master at his very best. 

Author Bio:


David Morrell, author of The Shimmer, is the award-winning author of numerous New York Times bestsellers, including Creepers and Scavenger. Co-founder of the International Thriller Writers organization and author of the classic Brotherhood of the Rose spy trilogy, Morrell is considered by many to be the father of the modern action novel.

To see the author’s web site click here, and for the book’s site link here.

Amazon purchasing links are listed as follows US/UK/Canada:

The Shimmer/ The Shimmer/ The Shimmer

Thank you Anna from FSB Associates for sending Layers of Thought a copy of this book!

Review coming soon!


Charlie said...

Darn it, you two, you keep recommending books that I just HAVE to read! Today it's Morrell and Benjamin; a couple days ago it was Haddon.

I either have to stop coming here or ask my wife for book money, neither of which is a very pleasant alternative—especially the latter.

The problem is, it appears we have similar reading tastes.

Unknown said...

Charlie -

John grabbed this title when it came in the mail on Friday.

I do have to say that some of the books I have posted here are not the "top of the pile".

I do know the feeling about wanting to spend lots of money on books, my tbr list on goodreads includes 900+ titles. But I refrain....lets be realistic how many books can I read?

So I'm thinking maybe we should host a giveaway of some gently read books? Like this one? What do you think?

Does your wife give you a reading allowance? or do you have to sneak a purchase and hide them under the bed? lol.

Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com said...

This sounds a fun read! I do like thriller writers. Thanks for sharing!

As promised here is my What's on your desk Wednesday? post

Thanks again for playing!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Great review. I read this one too, but wasn't as thrilled by it as you. I thought it was just okay.

Unknown said...

Sassy -
My husband has confiscated this one... and is enjoying it right now. A review with his thoughts should be posted soon.
His tbr list is much, much, much shorter than mine. :)
Thanks for the comment!

Diane -
I have this system where I post a preview of the book first with the publisher's info, purchasing links, and author bio. Then after its read I post a review with my thoughts or John's thoughts and link it. The publicists seem to really like it.

So review coming soon!
Preview and Review are so similar perhaps I should change the names....
Thanks for the comment

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