Thursday, October 15, 2009

Review by Shellie: Three Seeds ~ by Gabriel Madison



Three Seeds ~ by Gabriel Madison

An amazingly creative urban fantasy novel by a debut and independent author.

About:   The story opens eerily 20 years in the past. In the middle of the Bermuda Triangle an incredible supernatural event occurs. It then moves to the present day where a cold front has enveloped the the planet. Every one believes another ice age upon them. Little does the general population know that it is being caused by a young woman named Rose, whom is running from a number of dark super human factions with complex links that are almost biblical in nature. Most of them want her dead. As the story evolves into a convoluted urban fantasy, a touch of romance, assorted violence, and drama ensues.

Thoughts:   With an exciting first chapter Three Seeds is hard to put down. It is an incredibly complex story with some very interesting dark characters. While I was reading it I was overwhelmed by the original ideas which where presented within the pages. If you like a story line that is fast paced, entertaining, and pulse raising this is a book for you. When I was finished it was clear that Gabriel is a talented individual with a vivid imagination.

Although my reading experience was marred somewhat by some rather loose editing it doesn’t detract from this great story. With tighter editing and a bit more fleshing out of some key ideas, I would have rated Three Seeds at 4 plus stars. On balance my final rating is 3 stars.


Other Interviews and Reviews:

For more of a taste of Gabriel’s multiple talents, link to this  2 part short film about a moralistic vampire. The video is called Midnight Diner and is about 10 minutes in length. Stop by, say hello, and leave a comment.

I want to thank Gabriel for giving me the chance to read and review Three Seeds. He’s a pleasure to work with, is accessible and down to earth. I am looking forward to reading his other work which I do know he has many.

To connect with Gabriel link with him on Goodreads, his website, or his blog. For book stats, Amazon purchasing link, overview, and more author information please see Layers of Thought’s preview of Three Seeds.

Thanks for reading!


Keri said...

Well that's a shame that the editing caused it to drop down a star. I think I'm still going to add this to my wish list though.

Great review!

Unknown said...

Keri -
I am so glad to hear that. Hes such a talented individual and its a great story.

This was a tough review because of it. I was so conflicted.

I'm working on a giveaway so be sure to keep your eye out for it.

Krista said...

Oh, I'm so glad you ended up enjoying it! I'll make sure to keep my eye out for it. Great review!

Sucks about the editing, though. Maybe his next book will be even better, usually they are :)

Donna said...

Very honest and good review. Editing mistakes can be a real pitfall for a book, glad to see you were able to see around them.

I like how you linked all of the places you can find more information on Gabriel and his books to this review. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Krista -
I did enjoy it. I knew I would.
I did not feel great about being honest here because I am a lousy editor. I feel like the old bible addage "let he who is without sin let him cast the first stone". I am not religious but I all my Catholic schooling has stuck with me.
I have my hubby edit for me sometimes. Old eagle eye JD - So I know how hard it can be, things which I totally have missed he finds...

Donna -
Thanks, I appreciate you coming by and commenting. :)

Darlene said...

I've noticed this book around lately. Thanks for your review, it does sound really good.

Unknown said...

Dar -
It is good - and hopefully we will see more of his work around.
Thanks for the comment.

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