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Preview: The Superstress Solution by Roberta Lee, M.D. (ARC)


Book Stats from Amazon:

  • Hardcover: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Random House (January 12, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0345508629
  • ISBN-13: 978-0345508621

    Book Information:

    We live on little sleep and exercise but a lot of work. We eat junk and processed foods on the run and fuel up with caffeine and sugar. We are chronically overcommitted, subjected to a 24/7 news cycle, and can’t take our eyes off our computers and PDAs. Is it any wonder that anxious is the new normal?

    Our bodies are hardwired to cope with stress, but we are biologically ill-equipped to handle the kind that we endure today. The human brain, in all its majesty, can’t distinguish true physical emergencies from daily hassles, deadlines, information overload, difficult decisions, guilt, and worries. The physiological reaction is the same: a chronic hormonal surge born of our instinctive fight-or-flight response. The result is a cluster of dangerous symptoms: immune deficiencies, high blood pressure, weight gain, insomnia, and a wide range of other ailments. This is what world-renowned integrative physician Dr. Roberta Lee has defined as the SuperStress syndrome, which is caused by our over stimulated, undernourished lifestyle.
    In this empowering, life-changing book, Dr. Lee presents the solution to SuperStress. She shows how you can build stress resistance and resilience into your life with a unique prescription for recognizing, rebalancing, and protecting against stresses small and large. Starting with a comprehensive, informative questionnaire to determine your stress level and stress personality type, The SuperStress Solution then guides you through a 4-week healing program to reset your rattled nervous system to a default state of rest rather than high alert. Discover how to

    Nourish your body with nutrient-rich foods, herbs, and supplements that repair stress damage
    Detox your system and jump-start your body’s healing with an easy-to-follow eating plan
    Sleep well again by following simple steps to protect and promote the rest your body needs
    Move to simple, low-impact exercises that can be done in five-minute to one-hour increments
    Retrain your mind so you can access a sense of peace and calm even in your most stressed-out moments

    The SuperStress Solution will do more than help you beat back the overload that is making you sick; it will restore physical harmony and balance. More than a program that makes you feel better, it is a program that will make you truly well.

    Author Information:


    Roberta Lee, M.D. is Vice Chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine , Director of Continuing Medical Education, and Co-Director of the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel’s Continuum Center for Health and Healing (CCHH) at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

    Dr. Lee attended George Washington University Medical School. Following the completion of her residency in Internal Medicine, she served as a U.S. Public Health Service physician in Micronesia for five years. For the past ten years, she has traveled back to Micronesia as the ethno-medical specialist in an interdisciplinary team of biologists, ethno-botanists, ecologists, and conservationists studying a cross-section of cultural and botanical influences on health, healing, and the promotion of wellness in chronic disease.

    Dr. Lee is one of the four graduates in the first class from the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona  conducted by Andrew Weil, M.D.

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    Anonymous said...

    Interesting book. Thanks for posting, Shellie!

    Unknown said...

    Nicole -
    I just finished this - very good.
    We have a new entry in the contest for REALEASE. :)

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