Friday, March 12, 2010

A Non Book Post – March Desert Blooms

DSCN1098 DSCN1100

DSCN1103 (Hedgehog cactus flowers - left, Ocotillo flowers - right, and desert daisies – bottom. Do not quote me!)


I don’t know about you but we need a book break. I love books but… you can’t miss something unless it goes away (Grandma Bozeman.)

Fat chance here… Anyhow thought we would share a bit of the desert from our most recent hike last Saturday. Just a few flower pictures which John took from our trustworthy crummy camera. Being such an unusual place in terms of flora, fauna, its amazing landscape and weather, it’s something which everyone should experience. Albeit this one will be vicarious for almost everyone. (Charlie excluded, from whom the idea for this post was pilfered – link on his name for  a hilarious and informative post about Phoenix!)

Although not natives, unlike the flowers, we are causally observant. The cactus here seam to bloom in phases – each lovely in its own way and time. One type of flower which was a big surprise on Saturday and blooming very early – I believe - is called the hedgehog cactus. This is the one which has the gorgeous papery fuchsia flowers in the photo above. Our favorites are the ‘night blooming’ saguaro flowers, with their beautiful white waxy blossoms. They should be open at the beginning of May.

We have about two more months of pleasant hiking weather (it is currently 70 here at the warmest part of the day) during which we should have a profusion of amazing flowers. Sadly after that we are on the treadmill in an air-conditioned room and it will be just us, the cacti, and the dry dry oven like heat.

Hopefully, if we remember the camera (memory is not the best of our qualities), there will be several more posts like this with some beautiful updates. Please stay tuned for  more desert flowers and the BNBB (badly needed book break.) Don't worry, more bookish stuff is on its way!

Have a great weekend everyone!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

These photos are just lovely; enjoy your hikes while you still can:)

Unknown said...

Diane -
Yes we will and we do, its one of our favorite things.
Have a great weekend!

dkm1981 said...

Love the photos!

Just wanted you to know I've given your blog an award!

Unknown said...

Welcome and thanks for the awards!
I have added myself to your follower list as well.

Love you little smurf avatar... how did you do that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Shellie! I had the pleasure of visiting AZ (Phoenix and Sedona areas) a little over 10 years ago (jeesh -- that long?!) and I really wanted to move there - it's so beautiful, open, and soulful. I thing we're settled here in TX, but I would love to go to AZ for a spa retreat or vacation.

Unknown said...

Nicole -
I hope you came at any other time than summer. From the sounds of it you did. It is pretty nice for 5 months out of the year but then I am a spoiled Northern CA girl - weather wise that is.

Yes the area does have its wonders... and we are acclimatizing.. finally after 5 years...sheesh...

So if you come let me know. I am an aesthetician (I have had two businesses doing facials, waxing, make up...) and know of some decent spas locally. Perhaps we could do a spa day or have dinner, or at the very least - I could veer you in a good direction.

Have a great weekend - we are off to the trail. :)

Unknown said...

Oh Nicole - Sedona is so gorgeous...
our favorite...

The locals say God made the grand canyon but he lives in Sedona...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout, Shellie, and I'm glad you put up some photos. 5" of rain already is truly amazing and it brings out the best of where we live.

And yes, everyone needs a book break now and then--you can't work at it 24/7 without it getting tiresome.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
Let me know if you get a new reader or two. It would be interesting to see. :)

Off to the trail head here in a few. Another 4/5 mile hike...Yee Ha!


Enjoy your hiking,

Unknown said...

Elizabeth -
It was wonderful thanks.

I hope your enjoying your house guest. He looks like a cutie even though he has taken over your dining room table... :)

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