Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 Blog Improvement Project

bip2010banner-400Slightly late in mention of this project - its never to late to start improving your blog. Whether you join in or just follow, you can do little bits here and there. It could make a big difference.

Sign up at any time. You do not have to participate each week or even make a to do list. It is very flexible, and if you decide you don’t want to directly participate you can always lurk a little, or a lot.


Here is some information about the project. The badge above links to the start post.

For 2010, we plan to have tasks on the first and third Monday of every month. If you subscribe to the RSS feed for the blog, you’ll be in the loop each time a new task is posted. For more information you can read About the BIP or check out some of the tasks for the 2009 BIP.

You DO NOT have to have participated in the 2009 BIP in order to join for 2010. And just because you joined in 2009 doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join in 2010. We’ll be repeating some of the popular topics from last year, but have already brainstormed many new topics to cover.

Some of the bloggers whom I know that are participating in this project:

(Wow three Jennifers!)

Here are the activities to date:

  1. Blogging To Do List
  2. Pumping up Post Titles
  3. Organizing Categories and/or Tags
  4. Promoting Members of your Group


I will be participating here and there, and lurking a lot. All blog posts related to this project will be linked below:


Mel u said...

Google has given a great gift to Blogger people-in blogger on draft you will find the new template designed feature which allows you do do all sorts of designs and alterations to your blog and try out new looks-super simple to use-I redid my blog with it in just a few minutes and like the look a lot better-

Unknown said...

mel u -
I love the new curly and colorful background. Its wonderful. I did not notice that when I was at your blog last time.

Thanks! I'm going to check it out right now.

I have been wanting to use the tab feature but still have to figure it out. :)

Have you tried - Windows Live Writer yet from the Microsoft site? Its a blog writing interface, and its wonderful. Even better is that is free. My posts have improved 100% since using it.

Mel u said...

I will for sure look into windows live writer very soon-maybe this weekend-I really like the new tab feature in blogger

Unknown said...

mel u -
You will love it. There is a learning curve though. Just a small one. :)

Also with the tabs since my blog template is modified I think its going to take a bit of figuring out.

I was also looking into doing a completely different template...but if live write doesn't interface with it I wont do it.... we shall see.

Serena said...

I like to follow these projects

Unknown said...

Serena -
I thought it would be helpful...

You never know you may find the answer to that blog problem you were having or motivate yourself to do some blog improvements.

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