Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Read an Ebook Week: March 7 – 13, 2010


Free Ebooks and amazingly low prices will be offered at select sites for the week:

  • There will be contests – writing dead lines end March 5th.
  • Discussions on the future of ebooks, readers, as well as the benefits of ebooks.
  • Here is a link for vendors participating in Read an Ebook Week – most will be offering deeply discounted books, many for free, as well as having additional contests. Including contests to win an ereader.


Please note that these books below, published by Ebook Undead, will be sold at 50% off their already low prices during this week. Each links to a preview or review here on Layers of Thought.

Release-Bookcover-11-181x300 Alone 2 copy DescendingSkiesBookcovercopy2100x150[1]


*The code for all Ebook Undead books is RAE50. This code will take 50% off the price of all the above books and others by this publisher. The code is time sensitive so it must be used within the time frame of the week.*


Here is one nonfiction/memoir and one inspirational poetry book, which may be of interest to readers. They  will also be on sale during this week. Both are by Lori Newman - links to her author’s page on Goodreads. Both covers also link to book information at Goodreads.

7159932 7491257

*The code for purchase for 50% off is RAE50. March 3 to 13, are the dates which the code will be useable. Additionally if anyone is interested in getting the books in print they are 25% off till  March 13th as well.*

For purchase:


Help support small and independent publishers, fill your reader, and join the fun. All genres are represented at many other sites so if your not a horror, memoir, or poetry fan no worries – go check out what is on offer and make a list!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, Shellie. I suspect that most will not download to the Kindle, but there's always hope.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
I am fairly positive that all these places will be offering a format compatible with the kindle.

I know "Smashwords" has many formats available that one of them should work. They even have one which you can print out. I believe it is doc format which is usable for kindle - if I remember correctly?

They may not be as pretty while reading, as the Amazon produced titles - but it should work.

Keep me posted as to how things work.

Just fair warning - these are books and authors that are self and small publisher produced. As well as some ancient books which Gutenberg (spelling?) is translating to ebooks.... but there are a ton out there...and a bunch for free.

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