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For Children’s Book Week (May 2nd till the 8th) ~ links to reviews of books we enjoyed!



It’s Children’s Book Week!

Since 1919, Children's Book Week has been celebrated countrywide with author & illustrator appearances, parties, storytelling, and other book-related events in schools, libraries, bookstores, clubs -- anywhere where kids and books connect.

It is sponsored by Children’s Book Council – CBC  and Every Child a Reader.

One of life’s special pleasures is reading – so in an effort to support literacy and a love of reading, here are a bundle of reviews of books for children, tweens 51UCuApNm-L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_and young adults. Click on the book covers to access our reviews!

Book Crush: for kids and teens ~ by Nancy Pearl US|UK|Canada

A perfect reference book if If you are looking for  recommendations for books that kids, tweens and teens will want to read. Every parent, teacher and librarian should have access to this easy to handle small soft bound book with wonderful lists galore!   

Young Adult:


Wither (Chemical Garden Trilogy # 1) ~ by Lauren DeStefano  US|UK|Canada.

With a gorgeous and perfectly fitting cover, Wither is a dark young adult dystopian novel for older teens.

delirium cover

Delirium ~ by Lauren Oliver  US|UK|Canada.

Set in a future US, where love is considered a disease and the cause for all social ills. Everyone is to be “cured” by the age 18 via an operation which is not entirely safe or effective.


Pathfinder ~ by Orson Scott Card US|UK|Canada.

It’s a dryly humorous young adult science fiction novel which includes the elements of time travel and the building blocks of an amazing and science-filled world.


Neverland ~ by Douglas Clegg US|UK|Canada.

What happens when the horrors of family relationships cause innocent boys to seek refuge in a dark, dank place which has its own secrets and a terrible past?  A nice creepy southern gothic tale of innocence lost.


The Hunger Games ~ Suzanne Collins US|UK|Canada.

This is a clever and intriguing story with a strong7128341 character that you really root for.

The Prince of Mist ~ by Carlos Ruiz Zafon US|UK|Canada.

A diabolical entity—the Prince of Mist—can play tricks with time even on film.


Inside Out ~ by Maria V. Snyder US|UK|Canada.

A wonderful introduction to science fiction and dystopian society for younger teens - especially girls.

this world we live in

The Last Survivors Trilogy ~ by Susan Beth Pfeffer

A young adult trilogy in which an apocalyptic event has occurred - the moon has been knocked off its orbit. Two separate stories which come together in a heartbreaking conclusion.

  1. Life as We Knew It ~ US|UK|Canada.
  2. The Dead and The Gone ~ US|UK|Canada.
  3. The World We Live In ~ US|UK|Canada.

Children and Tweens:


The Tempest ~ rewritten by Ann Keay Beneduce US|UK|Canada.

This is a child’s picture book and is a retelling of 123Shakespeare’s play.

The Arrival ~ (a wordless novel) by Shaun Tan US|UK|Canada.

With realistic and lovely pictures, done in shades of sepia and greys, this graphic novel - without words – is a speculative representation of the immigrant experience.


The Bat Scientist ~ by Mary Kay Carson US|UK|Canada.

Bats are an endangered species all over the planet. As a way to understand that they are not scary and mean, but important to our planet’s health, this book can help.


Mommy’s Black Eye ~ by William Bentrim US|UK|Canada.


Two wonderful non fiction books by self published author William Bentrim.


Daddy Goes on a Trip ~ by William Bentrim US|UK|Canada.


Keeper ~ by Kathi Appelt US|UK|Canada.

An almost ten year old girl who lives on the beach by the gulf of Mexico in Texas decides to look for her “mermaid” mother on 51uTWIp2c2L._SL500_AA240_a boat trip out to sea.


The Magic Warble ~ by Victoria Simcox  US|UK|Canada

Kristina is a smart girl on the verge of being a teenager. Before Christmas vacation her teacher gives her a mysterious present – an unusual and light filled globe.It is the “Magic Warble” which will save a fantastic realm from a very evil and heartless queen. 

Remember the covers link to our review posts for each of the books above which we read and loved.

Happy Reading!

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