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Review: Those Across the River (audio) ~ by Christopher Buehlman

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Review by Shellie for: Those Across the River (audio) ~ by Christopher Buehlman; read by Mark Bramhall

A historical gothic thriller set during the great depression in the rural south. It has a thread which links to the US Civil War. Readers won’t guess what the source of the horror is until two thirds through the book; be prepared to linger at the edge of your comfort zone and have a hard time putting this book down.

About:  Main character Frank Nichols is a WWI vet turned college professor. His girl friend Eudora and he have decided to marry after a several year affair which has destroyed her marriage and his career.

Against the advice of his deceased aunt they move into the house she has given him in her will. The small Southern town where the house is located (near the river) is where Frank plans to write his historical book. It will be about his notorious and cruel ancestor whose plantation was also located “across the river”, where he was horrifically murdered at the hands of his slaves.

Our narrator, Frank, and his young wife do not recognize what lurks just beyond the river, even though he has been warned by a variety of sources not to venture into the woods. But soon they and the entire town will be caught in a tangle which will alter their lives and the landscape completely .

Thoughts:   I found Those Across the River in audio at our local library, and think it is a perfect read for Fall since the climax for the novel is set around Halloween. The reader has a slightly sad and light southern accent – perfect for Frank. Interestingly he also has a variety of deeper accents which are effectively used for the other Southern characters in the novel. All work very well in helping make this book a heartbeat-increasing pleasure to listen to.

With its dark historical thread I was thinking that it was going to be a realistic thriller, but after finishing think that I would define it as horror. I liked the dark paranormal aspect and consequently would not recommended it for “sensitive readers”. There are some interesting and gory scenes - one in particular a graphic sexual encounter which may shake up some readers; it did me.

I would recommend it for those who enjoy Southern gothic stories, thrillers with a paranormal edge, horror aficionados, and anyone with an interest in the US civil war (sadly only a too short thread as I found myself wishing for more). I liked that everything did not end up in a “traditional story tied bow”, and give this audio book 4 stars. I will be watching for more from this author since it did surprise me.

Blackstone Audio; 9 hours, 7 minutes; ISBN: 9781455109883; Sep 6, 2011

This book will be included in two challenges:  Shellie’s - Basics Challenge (where I explore speculative fiction) and War Through the Generations 2011 – US Civil War challenge.

Thanks for reading.


Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog said...

I got this for review. Haven't started but sounds good. Thanks for the review. Like that it's different and has an intriguing southern accent to it.

Unknown said...

I hope you enjoy it Cassandra - it was great in audio, I will be looking out for your thoughts around it.

Anna and Serena said...

We'll have a snippet from your review up on the War blog on Dec. 6. We've linked to your review on the reviews page. Thanks for participating. See you in the new year with WWI

Unknown said...

Cheers Anna and Serena -
Looking forward to learning about WW1!

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