Friday, November 4, 2011

Winners ~ two of them!

balloon guy

We have winners for:

Eyes to See ~ by Joseph Nassise

Blood Song ~ by Cat Adams


**Drum Roll**

Chosen by the fates, the lucky winners are:

Krysta B. from West Virginia for Eyes to See!


Martina K. from Bulgaria (A Little Bit of Everything) for Blood Song!

Congrats to our winners!

*Showers of Applause*

For more information please see our giveaway post (now closed).

Our next giveaway is coming up very close to Thanksgiving. The book we have on offer is the second in a series and is a young adult/tween fantasy written by an indie author. The book and its predecessor will be a perfect Holiday gift for some youngsters. Hang tight as it will be here so very soon.

Thanks for reading!


mk said...

Thank you so much! I can't believe I won!
I didn't receive an email to claim my prize and to give you my address but I did get your comment on my blog so I guess you'll send one when it's time to send the book.
Thanks one more time, so much. I really am looking forward to reading the book. :)

Unknown said...

Martina -
I have your address (it was requested in my google form) but I forgot to include a request for an email so had to come by your blog to let you know.

Congrats on winning!!! - I will get that book out in the mail as soon as we get back home.

If you want to email me at we can keep in contact around it if you would like.

mk said...

Ops I forgot to chek for your answer.. I will email you because that's how I keep track of winnings and on blogs in general.. Thanks again for the book...

Unknown said...

Martina -
I hate when I do that, you know you can click the follow up box and responses are sent to your mail box?

I should be able to get that out to you by the 20th or so...

Please email me as a reminder.

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