Monday, June 7, 2010

Quiz and Links - Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?

woodroffe_3bears1I am Goldilocks.

You are a little bit of a prima donna. Things just never seem good enough for you! People try and try to please you but they are just wasting their precious time. Sometimes you can be a teensy bit invasive (as in going into other people's homes uninvited), but you just have a curiosity that can't be satisfied. You demand that things are absolutely perfect and snub your nose at those that don't give into your demands. You also have a calm and gentle side and love to get a good night sleep!

Wow – this is a silly little quiz, right? It does sound a bit close to my personality….lol…

John took the quiz too. Any other brave takers,  guys?


He is The Gingerbread Man.

You are so animated that it sometimes is exhausting just to keep up with you! You are always running around from one place to the next and you usually have about three thousand projects on the go at one time. You love to gab with anyone who will listen and you are always the person to ask when you want to catch up on the gossip. Sometimes you can be a bit of a tease, and you love to fool around and have fun. In fact, if something isn't making you happy you stop doing it!

(Kinda looks like him, especially the hair!)

To take the quiz go to which fairytale character are you? Then go to this site and type in  the character you are. Choose a picture and add it to your post or link it here. If you do or create a post please let us know what you came up with in the comments. Its so much more fun that way!

Oh by the way, I found this cute and fun quiz at The Little Bookworm months ago. Thanks Andrea!

Faerie and Myth Related links:

  • This is a link for Faerie Radio, some great tunes - (click first and listen while you surf.)
  • A link where fairy tale is elusively defined at SurLaLune
  • Another to the wonderful Endicott Studio, which cataloged mythic literature.
  • This is a book that will be of interest to writers whom plan to write within this genre: The Uses of Enchantment - the meaning and importance of fairy tales by Bruno Bettelheim which I found at Rhiannon Hart’s Blog.
  • An interesting article from the UK Telegraph on the ancient origins of fairy tales.
  • This is an intellectual and academic site called the Mythopoeic Society, for the true fairy tale and myth geek. It has just announced the nominees for the Mythopoeic Award Finalists which are listed for 2010. The winners will be announced in Dallas, Texas at Mythcon 41, July 9-10.
  • A lovely ezine called Cabinet des Fees.  
  • Neil Gaiman has an audio recording on libraries and fairy tales, which includes a retelling of a Goldilocks -"ish" tale.
  • A big festival happening at the end of July and beginning of August, in Oregon, USA called Faerieworlds. Link there to see more about this  event and to see its gorgeous pictures.
  • Suvudo had Faerie Week the last week of May with some interesting posts and interviews where I found a few of the links which I have included here.

Happy Monday friends and readers. Life is short, take a break and have some fun!


Anonymous said...

I am so doing this and will let you know!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

What a fun quiz, Shellie...I took the quiz and found out which one I am!

You can find the results here:

Blodeuedd said...

Lol, I got Goldilocks too

Unknown said...

Nicole -
I can't wait to see what you got :)
I wonder if they have any vampirish fairytale characters? lol...
You could always put fangs on the pic with photo shop.. that would be hilarious!

Laurel - aka the wicked how fun!

Blodeuedd -
Excellent now I don't feel as bad being labeled a prima dona... :)

Now lets see if we get any guy takers for this post... this should be interesting.

Emily Cross said...

Little red ridding hood :)

nice but naive and way too trusting . . . sounds about right lol

Unknown said...

Emily -
How cute! *big grin*

Just wait a few years... I was like that too.
Now look at me the invasive prima donna!

Crystal said...

SAD!! I was the Evil Step-Mother!!! I demand a recount :)

Unknown said...

Oh no.....!

Laurel Rain got the evil step mother too... she liked it.

Simcha said...

What a fun quiz! I immediately went to do it and found out that I'm the Gingerbread Man. Hmm...not sure how I feel about that. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Simcha -
These silly little quizzes are fun. Its great to take a break from books - as much as I love them. :)

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