Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bookish Links Galore!

Links, Links, Links and more Links!

Happy second day of summer!  Its heating up here nicely in “hotsdale” in the valley of the sun. With the temps reaching around 106 degrees, its really not too hot by desert standards.
Here is yet another literary linkup post so that you will never get any work done, and never be bored – well at least not today.
Up Coming Events:
  • Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up fast. To sign up,  go to the information page via the badge above, but be prepared to take some time with the process, if you want to be part of this event. I would say a good 45 minutes or more, so check it out and plan ahead. I didn’t!
  • Looking for some in-depth discussions on thinking and expanding awareness through Literature? The Hay Festival has a number of festivals occurring all over the world. Although the UK tours have ended there are still a number which are about to happen, as well as numerous links for information on expanding your bookish consciousness beyond the mainstream presses.
  • Readercon 21 is happening July 8-11th in MA, if you would like a little of the speculative in a book conference.
  • Bouchercon by the Bay is happening in San Francisco October 11-14th. It is a book oriented event, and you can check it out at the Bouchercon Blog and the event site.
Misc Bookish Stuffs:
Recent Award Nominations within the Speculative and more:
Submissions and Stuffs for Writers:
Book Giveaways and Freebees:
Beyond Books:
Personal and more Updates:
  • John and I welcomed our number 4 grand baby into the world early this morning. Little JD (like his grand dad) and mom are doing well. We are so excited and will get to see them all at the end of July since we will be heading over the pond - to England.
  • Charlie at Professor B. Worm is very ill and in for an extended stay at the hospital. We love him, his comic and cranky spirit, and his darkly funny yet down to earth blog. He lives for comments so if you could stop by and say hello it would boost his spirits.
I apologize if I missed anyone so please feel free to add any links of interest or giveaways in the comments. Life has been a bit crazy, the true question is when is it not?
Cheers my dears, have a wonderful day!


Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Thanks for this update! Neat!

Bill ;-)

Author of "Back to the Homeplace"
and "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

Unknown said...

Bill -
Thanks.. I appreciate the comment. It sure does make me feel that its being read. :)

CGLnyc said...

Woo! Thanks for all the links. Esp. interested in B&N self-publishing - wonder what that will do for writers. And grats on grandkid #4!

Unknown said...

Topher -
You know that most of the books published in the US are in fact self published. They are just jumping on the band wagon in the hopes of literally cashing in on the deluge.

Thanks - you know I am not sure how I feel about being a grandma.. since I do not have children of my own. But I always did want grand kids... and they are so darn gorgeous!

CGLnyc said...

Hah! That's fantastic! I think being a non-parent of a baby is wonderful. Uncling is splendid.

I did not know that most were self-published, but I knew that a large portion were. I just wonder whether it will have any impact on authors other than cutting into the slice of "profit." I'd like to see more self-published or independently published books find their way into larger bookstores. One of my favorite books came off the shelf of a lit agency I worked for and unless I stumbled on it by accident through Amazon or book blog, I don't know how I would have found it.

Unknown said...

Topher -
We shall see - It is actually a really good question how self publishing will effect main stream sales.

Its interesting to see how technology changes things....don't you think? and its so much fun!

CGLnyc said...

I've found a lot of really great titles through book blogs that I wouldn't have noticed otherwise, most likely, so that's one wonderful blessing technology's given! I'm eager for the future. I hope more authors are read by more people as time goes on, and that publishers and large book sellers hold less control than they do now. :)

Robin M said...

Congratulations, Grandma. Great load of links. I'll be going to Boucheron this year since it's on my side of the u.s.

Unknown said...

Topher -
Bloggers are a great way to find books, as for self published books most folks do not appreciated them as they should.

But goodness know if Barnes and Nobles is doing it they must know something we don't...

Robin -
Thanks - yep that's me grandma Shellie... Yikes!

You luck ducky. I wanna go too.
I hope you do a post so that I may live vicariously through you - hint hint....:)

research help said...
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