Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ebook Preview: Swan Song by Jevron Mc Crory


Book Data:

  • Ebook By Jevron Mc Crory
  • Published By Vamplit Publishing
  • Published: Feb. 10, 2010
  • Words: 23594
  • Genre: Horror - Vampire

Book Info:

Katrina Collins isn’t like other musicians, she doesn’t do interviews and no one has ever seen her outside of her musical arena. Her beauty is startling, her effect upon an audience mesmerizing. Lewis Morrison isn’t like any other music journalist, as he despises music and loathes musicians. They find each other and their discovery brings hope, redemption, pain, pleasure and death.

Author Bio:


Born in the East End of London where he currently resides with his wife, Jevron Mc Crory’s sincere love of the vampire is somewhat humbling.

As affecting as they are unique in a rapidly expanding field, Jevron’s blood drenched tales are short, sharp shocks that somehow still manage to retain a bitter sweet romanticism.

Swan Song is Jevron’s emotional debut novel with Vamplit/Ebook Undead Publishing. It unflinchingly portrays an altogether too real scenario of loneliness and despair that, with the inclusion of a vampire lover as damaged as her male counterpart, builds to a heart rending climax.


Link here to access Jevron’s blog, and here to purchase his book here.

Thanks to Ebooks Undead for the copy of this ebook to review.

Thanks for reading Layers of Thought.


Anonymous said...

Vampires. Again. Some more. How many things can you do with a vampire, other than for a long time?

Unknown said...

Charlie -
You know I did not read anything vampire until I started the Twilight series, which my best friend harassed me until I did. A couple of years ago. I refused to read Anne Rice's Vampire stuff in the 80s - just like I've only read one Stephen King, Dean Koontz... and Clive Barker.

Now I've finished Dracula and Nicole's book Release, and then Soulless by Gail Carriger. So this is a new genre for me. So many variations on the theme.

I am not sure what the fascination with vampires is? I'm thinking its a fascination with the paranormal... anything beyond reality perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I think ghosts and hauntings are much more paranormal because they are ethereal--and can scare the crap outta ya.

The vampire thing has gotten out of hand, IMO, but people must be reading vamp lit. Hopefully, it will slow down to a dull roar.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
I know you don't like vampires, zombies, or werewolves...and a lot of people feel that way too. We shall see if its a fad or not... lots of people are counting on it not to die. And I think there will always be a sub culture around it.

Vamplit - Gaynor opened submissions from writers and received so many that she will have her hands full for months or more - I imagine they are all vampire based.

I am not one to focus on this sub-genre much - so don't worry we are not going to turn into "slayers of the throat".

Damn John's good - his word smithing.. lol

Charlie - I have some horror you may be really interested in...

I will be doing a guest post for him and an ebook giveaway. His last two books have been nominated for the Bram Stoker... not a vampire related award.

Jeremy Shipp - His style is twisted and funny and dark.. real. With some deep psychological quirks... I think you would love it.

Jevron McCrory said...

Okay, that's funny!

I came here to ask the kind owner of this blog to review my book 'Swan Song' and it's previewed here! I can only assume the lovely Nicole Hadaway had a hand in this, or the delightful Gwen at Vamplit Publishing.

I can totally sympathise Charlie, and I totally agree. The vampire trend is rocketing out of control, but you see for most of us, this is not a bandwagon we are jumping on. I've been obsessed with vamps and writing them since I was fifteen (I am now thirty) and it's got bugger all to do with 'Twilight' (which I think sucks by the way! Lol! It's a girl's diary, not a real vampire story).

'Swan Song' was designed as the antidote to 'Twilight' and is intentionally very gritty.

Ahem, so will I be able to submit it here for review? Kind mistress of the blog?

Unknown said...

Jevron -
It is already on my list, and have it up in the running.

I believe I won it at Nicole's blog? Vamplit/EbookUndead has kindly offered to let me enjoy and review any book at the site. Wonderful I would say.

As for Charlie hes not a vampire guy... zombie guy, or werewolf guy and makes it well known. But we love him any way... and occasionally ignore his rants as well.

Additionally, since you are now a reader - I dislike the word follower - you will also be included in the author link up page here on Layers of Thought. Which should be coming soon.


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