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Signed First Edition Giveaway: The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson with Author Signing Event Update, Pictures, and a Surprising Connection!

51tGGYt6tjL._SL160_Apologies for this delayed post. It has been a very busy past month and a half, with the holidays and traveling. I also made a conscious decision to wait until after the holiday madness for this giveaway so it would not be lost in a pile of posts.

And now for some information about the author’s lecture and signing event – Brandon Sanderson and The Gathering Storm.


Oh the fun we have in our life’s adventures… this was one for us. And even more fun was a surprising connection too!

Thanks to a few reviews linked in true blogger buddy style (David, Logan and Krista/Warbreaker) I had just finished reading and reviewing Mistborn. We all went nuts for his books. As for the late Robert Jordan, I had read the first half of the first book The Eye of the World in his The Wheel of Time series a year or so ago. Naturally I was ecstatic when I found that Brandon Sanderson would be coming to Scottsdale, AZ for a lecture the book signing for The Gathering Storm. Excited announcement here.

So I dragged JD as the intrepid photographer to our second author’s signing event. We truly did not know what to expect.

The event was hosted by a local independent book seller – The Poisoned Pen. It was held in a local library auditorium. When we arrived early, we mentioned to each other that the audience was surprisingly small. While everyone was enthusiastically chatting about their love of Jordan’s series to each other it became apparent from eavesdropping that there are many readers who adore the series to an almost cult interest level. It was wonderful  - a large group of quiet, polite, intellectual, and clearly very enthusiastic readers.

When Sanderson arrived (looking like a tired traveler!) he relayed his story on how he had loved Jordan’s series as a young adult and through his continued and repeat readings in college; how he was heartbroken by Jordan’s death; and how he was chosen for the honor to write the last three books in Jordan’s series. Jordan’s wife chose Brandon out of a number of other writers which he declined to mention. He then answered questions and talked about himself as a writer.

(John took this blurry shot of Sanderson speaking. He did not want to disturb him or the audience with the flash.)                                                     

DSCN0742While listening to Sanderson we decided that he is an excellent speaker and is also very down to earth. It truly shows that he loves what he does. We both were very impressed and interested in his methods and thought processes for writing. He also has a good sense of humor.

Interestingly after he was finished speaking we turned around to leave the large auditorium for the actual book signing. We were so surprised that the room was packed. People were standing in the back due to lack of seats. They had all quietly snuck in. Amazing!

As we all shuffled out into the large entry area everyone  quietly chatting and lining up to have copies of our books signed. Many people carried stacks of just purchased as well as personal copies to be signed.

(Before we reached the table where Sanderson was signing John took a few pictures.)

  DSCN0745 DSCN0746

(Then as Brandon was signing our books, JD took a few others with me in the bottom three.)

 DSCN0747DSCN0749 DSCN0748

Interestingly, Sanderson had a group of local individuals whom were helping with the function. There was a person taking pictures, others interviewing readers for a video, some getting email addresses for his newsletter, and one special person helping him set up the book page for his signature. This lastly mentioned lucky person turned out to be another blogger whom I have been following for some time now. He has thoughtful reviews, interviews, and misc related posts on fantasy, sci fi, and horror (my favorite genres) – Ken from Neth Space. How fun is that!

He is on the right helping Brandon - setting up the books to the correct page so that all he has to do is connect with the reader and sign the book. When thinking about it Sanderson signed 4 books for me as well as everyone else having multiple copies. He must have had hand cramps! And if you can see his signature you will know he probably is.

We did not know this was Ken until several days after the signing. I had just won a book from Neth Space and Ken recognized us. He did note that I had said I had a book blog to Brandon and that two of the books were for giveaways – So he was on alert. I got really excited when I realized that we had actual picture of Ken – who generally goes incognito on his blog.

For an interesting and detailed account of Ken’s involvement as a “Storm Leader” for the signing, link to his detailed and video adorned post here. You can also connect with Ken on Twitter and Goodreads. Thanks Ken!


 Now for the Give Away!

I had first planned to get two signed copies of Warbreaker in addition to The Gathering Storm – one for me and one for Layers of Thought’s readers. Sadly they had all sold out – and I was told that the copies were rare first editions. I did however get a signed soft bound copy of Elantris for a later giveaway instead.  Not as special but fun never the less. Coming soon!

This copy of The Gathering Storm is also a signed first edition copy, which states “To the Lucky Winner” at Sanderson’s suggestion. This giveaway also includes two Wheel of Time bumper stickers and a bookmark.

Contest Info:

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This giveaway is International.

Contest ends Sunday February 14, 2010 at 12 pm US Pacific time. Winner will be posted and notified on Saturday February 20, 2010.

Please note that comment moderation is on so your post will not appear until I have access to a computer, which will be in short supply while we are away. Thanks for your understanding.


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