Monday, January 18, 2010

GLBT Mini Challenge Post: Answer the Question - Why is this Challenge Important?

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Why is the GLBT Challenge 2010 Important?

It is important because of my personal interests in human experiences. By reading a book about, from the perspective of,  and/ or by an individual whom is GLBT I am given a gift. One which can help me to understand the complexity of a piece of humanity, in its complex and common emotions.

Another important reason for my connection to this challenge, is that for GLBT persons difficulties can be compounded by beliefs about sexuality  – both from within themselves and from society. There are sad aspects of living in a world where, at times, one is not truly accepted. Where discrimination, misunderstanding, and violence can occur at any time. I believe that if one person is helped to feel a positive emotion, or moved toward acceptance and understanding from a review or recommendation of a book from Layers of Thought, it will have fulfilled a greater goal. 

On a more fun note, many of the books about and by GLBT individuals have rich and wonderful experiences, are eloquent, fun, and often quirky. All of which are a favorite kind of read!

Link to the post for this mini challenge here.

To join this well organized and popular challenge link here.

Thanks to our hosts Amanda and Jen!


Amanda said...

I'm glad your experiences have been good ones so far! I hope they keep on being good.

Unknown said...

Thanks Amanda - me too!

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