Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Review by Shellie: Defining Twilight by Brian Leaf


Set Up for the Book:

Defining Twilight is a vocabulary book for  young adults. The author, Brian Leaf, shows the reader important vocabulary words from within Stephanie Meyer’s immensely popular book Twilight. These words have value for a variety of standardized tests in the US - the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT.

Taken from the book there are eight vocabulary words  placed into each of eight sections. With reference to the context of the novel, the student is asked to give a definition for each word. Page numbers are given with each word so definitions can be easily figured out. Correct definitions of each word are supplied on the next page. Then questions are offered on synonyms, analogies, and sentence completion. All these activities teach important skills and are assessed when the above tests are taken.

My Thoughts:

Defining Twilight is very well organized, with an amazing number of  words which I had not noticed when reading the actual novel - Twilight. It was interesting to see the number of significant and important vocabulary words that Leaf pulled from this popular vampire saga.

Highly recommended for a fun way to learn vocabulary; enjoyment and interest enhances learning, which in turn facilitates memory retention. I give this book 4 stars.

For more information on the author – Brian Leaf, the workbook Defining Twilight, and for Amazon purchasing information please see Layers of Thought’s preview for Defining Twilight.


Serena said...

This is a great idea. I wonder if there are other ones planned to show what great words are in teen fiction that can be used to study for those standardized tests...

Unknown said...

Serena -
I have not seen anything else like it... its a really good study guide.
Reading Twilight I was not aware of all the great words that Meyer's used.

He has also published the second in the series for New Moon. I believe it is a math related guide.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review, Shellie!

Defining New Moon is available. It is similar to Defining Twilight but based on the second book in the Twilight saga. Defining Eclipse will release in May.

If anyone has questions about Defining Twilight or any of my other books, I'd be delighted to try to answer them.

Brian Leaf
author of Defining Twilight

Unknown said...

Thanks and Welcome Brian!

Brian Leaf has subscribed to comments here and will answer any questions that you may have regarding his books.

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