Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta Update – Saturday Morning

blogiestaIn and effort to stop myself from distraction I have not signed on to Twitter. Not even half as fun but I am very prone to distraction.

In Progress – this could take months! 

Mini Challenge – Dead Link Search from Karen’s Book Nook. This post takes you to the Problogger website where there are two programs to search your blog for dead links. I have tried both the first address which has a difficult to understand system. The other downloadable program Xenu appears to have a better and understandable interface with errors coming up red.

However, after running Xenu I have found that apparently I have 250 broken links and a learning curve that has a tough climb with this new program. So I am thinking this may take me a couple of weeks or more to figure out and then implement. But now I have a list  and a way to check Layers of Thought’s dead links.

I could have stayed on “de Nile” here forever – meandering down the river enjoying the “sites” oblivious to the many links on my blog that lead to nowhere. So my thoughts are if you have not done this for your blog yet, do it before you become so overwhelmed (like me) you decide to delete your blog and start again. Yes, for a moment it did occur to me.

On to more positive things…


Yee Ha! I have finished Goal number 2 – Reading Challenge Link Post.

Mini Challenge - from Jenn’s Bookshelves – come up with 10 post ideas. Here are 5 which have been floating around in my brain for awhile:

  1. Post of 2009 book winnings from contests – this will be a huge post.
  2. Post a link up of all the authors and their books whom subscribe to my blog and link it on the side bar.
  3. New blogging awards – created by me that are sitting in a file but have been too busy to hand them out.
  4. Create a list of “top of the pile”, “ dream list”, “lust list” or “need to be read” books.
  5. Create posts around a few seasonal, specialty, or holiday days with related linked books lists for them within the year.

Mini Challenge – Update Copyright Data info at This post includes some links for further information on copyright infringement for bloggers.


So enough Bloggiesta for the morning. Now for some food and much needed stress relieving exercise – a desert hike.

250 dead links…Oh Dear!


Charlie said...

Either you're nutz, Shellie, or I'm insane, but you're busier than a Queen bee in heat. SO many things to do before you go on vacation (again). I'm wondering when you'll have time to READ 2,010 books in 2010.

It's nice to have you and JD back, if only for a fleeting moment.

And I wonder why JD isn't one of my Google followers: he would make a nice round number 50.

Unknown said...

Hey Charlie -
Gosh darn I would hate to be a Queen Bee in heat that would mean a bunch of little bees... what a nightmare!

As for me reading 2,010 books in 2010 this is not a remote possibility. I think I broke my record this year for the first time since I was in college. I think 74 books this year.

But between John and I perhaps 210. 2010 only missing a zero. :)

John isn't a follower on your blog cuz he doesn't know how and I have to show him...and I thought I had. Life has been a bit nuts and I probably should not of signed up for the Bloggiesta but he we all have lapses of sanity... mine is just a bit more frequent than a normal person.

I will do that right now. Your number 50!

You know he has you linked in his favorites though? You and Jimmy Bastard. But your his favorite. ;)

Charlie said...

Thanks you two. I think the follower thing is a status thing like Bookface and Tweetybird because no one I know really understands how it works.

You did 74 in 2009 and I did 72. I really slowed down in December, though, and so far in 2010, just 1. I've been reading King's Under the Dome since mid-November and finished less than half—500 pages—even though I think it's great and classic King.

Every time you mention Bloggiesta I think of Mexican food:

"I'll have the Bloggiesta on a flour tortilla and ranch beans on the side."

Unknown said...

Charlie -
I know what your saying... but my thought is that you get so many comments from your following which is just as rewarding.

I know a few of my vampire friends may follow you now that you changed your note. They really are quite interesting.

I have been by your blog and read it all since I have been home but was feeling very uncreative so did not comment.

Been thinking about you though. :)

David Wagner said...

Is that 250 broken links including blog posts? Or just the permanent stuff in your sidebars, etc? Man, I'd hate to think you'd have to go back through your blog-post archive to fix the links...

Hope your new year is moving along smoothly...


Unknown said...

David -
We are not doing to bad here in the desert. Thanks. I not been by your blog recently... so sorry.

As for the dead links I am not sure what kind of bad links. The program I used just pulled up around 250 and listed them when checking my blog. I need to check into the program a bit further to check out the definitions.

I will be checking my front page here in the next few days for all the links.. I am sure there are bad links in the posts as well.

Apparently it looks like going back and checking them individually is the only way to do it. Which is why I quit for the day after my discovery.

Oh dear, life goes on. lol.

DCMetroreader said...

Shellie would you mind posting updates when you figure out the deadlink stuff? I'm a complete Luddite & would like to know if this is something I could do or if it is too complicated. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Kim -
Absolutely - I had planned on it... not sure when I will figure it out. Things are a bit busy at the moment and we will be leaving for several weeks.. but I will keep you updated

You can also email me if you have any specific questions. I will do my best to give you what I do know.


Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Wow, the dead link hunt sounds like one of those interminable tasks.

I check the links as I'm posting, and periodically check stuff in my sidebar.

That's it for me. I guess I'm living on the River in Egypt, too.

Unknown said...

Laurel -
You know I am not going to take this too seriously. I am going to check them though and make sure important ones are working.

I need to be realistic. 250.... sheesh. I'm also thinking I may not know enough about the program to really know if they are actual links or not.

I will keep you updated.

Thanks for commenting. I have been so wound up in clearing my google reader that I have not been by anyone's blog, which had been my intention.

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