Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Warning – Book Blog Spam!


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Just a warning to all Layers of Thought’s readers that the 5 posts for today may well be considered book blog spam. Apologies to all. Perhaps this bit of humor will prime you or ease the boredom for the challenge lists and blog keeping stuffs posted today.


Anonymous said...

Boy, Shellie, you sure do like Challenges! Either that, or you're a glutton for punishment.

I'm more of an unstructured reader: whatever strikes my fancy at the moment is what I read.

Having said that, I've done 2 Challenges this year, each with one measley book. I still have the China Challenge to do.

Oops, gotta go: I smell the Spam burning out in the kitchen. Martha hates it when I put it in the toaster.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
I hate spam - both kinds.
But in the bloody toaster?
I thought this was going to be a serious post but I got to the end of the comment...LOL! Thank Gods.

Its not punishment its structure. Otherwise with my ability to focus I would have no direction.

OK - I have to admit I do like a bit of punishment now and then... what does that make me a masochist or sadist. I always get those two mixed up. ;)

Anonymous said...

"I have to admit I do like a bit of punishment now and then."

That makes you a masochist. I think all of us readers are masochists to a degree when we keep reading a book we simply can't stand.

So. Do you prefer spankings or whips? Never mind, 'tis none of my biz.

Unknown said...

Charlie -
I showed John this thread both of us are cracking up...
I will leave the answer to that question for another post. :)

TheChicGeek said...

LOL, Shellie :) A little Spam brightens the day! Thanks for giving me a good laugh. I needed that!
Hugs to You!

Unknown said...

Kelly aka Chic Geek -
My pleasure! Thanks for your sweetness... I love it.

DCMetroreader said...

You do love challenges -- good luck!

Unknown said...

Kim -

I truly should not have posted these all together. It would have been easier to digest for everyone. I even lost a reader yesterday because of it. lol!

The Sci Fi and the Basics Challenge should have both been published over a month ago.

Oh well. Thanks for your comment.

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