Thursday, November 5, 2009

Preview/Review by Shellie: Daddy Goes On a Trip ~ by William G. Bentrim



Daddy Goes On a Trip: Dealing with Travel and Deployment ~ William G. Bentrim

My Blurb:  Daddy is going away on a trip. A long trip. He will be gone a long time. It’s called deployment. A big word but a child hears it. It could mean anything but the child knows it’s important. What is a parent to do to help a little person, who knows something scary is happening to the family, to understand?

My Thoughts:  This book will help since its simple with cute pictures and a positive message that Daddy loves you even though he’s going away and he will be back.

It also has resources and suggestions for the parents. Giving both mom and dad constructive ways to help a young child (and older children too) deal with this re-occurring theme within children’s and parent’s lives with in the United States and other parts of the world. An excellent example of one of these ways to assist with the transition is to use colored tacks on a map to show where daddy (or mommy) will be staying, as well as weather research for the area of travel or deployment.

Being a teacher for a number of years myself, with some graduate level courses in early childhood education, and caring for young family members on a consistent basis – I have some personal and professional understanding and knowledge about small children. I highly recommend this book for use as a “teaching moment” tool. It would be wonderful to used for repeat readings, helping to provide comfort for a child to understand this difficult and all too common transition.  A very important book at 4 Stars.

Bio:   A Quixote personality, with abundant passion for family, kids, books and life. Sometimes I write merely to keep my head from exploding with ideas. I've always had a need for self expression which runs the gamut through performance, many types of4a7051c88da0c29afd833210.L media expression and word. I greet and end each day with the hope that I might make some small change that will improve life for someone. Some of what I write is to entertain, hopefully with some redeeming aspect being illustrated. My naiveté and cynicism clash with great frequency. 25 years of working with technology challenged my intellect but did little for my soul. I write to nourish that part of me that needs to feel like I am positively impacting life.

For more about William link to his blogs – Pick of the Literate, Money Saving Tech Tips, and Azure Dwarf.

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  • Paperback: 24 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (October 15, 2009)
  • Genre: Children Ages 3-5
  • A special note:

    Daddy Goes On a Trip  was given a 5 Star review from child Psychiatrist and award winning author of  A Circle of Souls, Preetham Grandhi M.D. It is one of my first reviews on Layers of Thought and is linked on the title.

    A copy of Daddy Goes On a Trip was sent to Layers of Thought by the author for review. Thank you Bill!


    ibpurpledragon said...

    Wow, thank you for a wonderful review. If anyone outside of the US wants to purchase the book, email me. I have no clue what it costs to mail outside of the US, if it doesn't make the cost of the book prohibitive, I will be happy to ship anywhere. My next book in this series will be "Mommy's Black Eye" which deals with domestic violence.

    Unknown said...

    Bill -

    Everyone Bill the author for "Daddy Goes on a Trip" will be in the comment section to chat or answer any questions about his book.

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