Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Announcement of the Winner of the 100th Reader Contest – Radiohead’s Kid A CD


We have a winner for the 100th reader contest. Yes, we finally hit 110 + but there are a few non entities and repeats within the reader’s lists. Now for the Winner!

The winner of Radiohead’s Kid A CD is:

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Crystal from her The Crystal Perspective

Yeah Crystal!

She emailed us her top 5 favorite albums with her designated top choice. Her method for figuring out her favorite was quite nifty. Here is what she said:

Here are my top 5 favorite albums. This was very hard (as I'm sure it was for most people). I have favorite songs, but I might not like the rest of the album. Also, I have over 700 albums. So, to help in my decision making, I have consulted my dear friend, iTunes. I sorted my library by play count and here is the order, by album:

  1. Some Mad Hope - Matt Nathanson
  2. All Sides - OAR
  3. The Fray - The Fray
  4. Busted Stuff - Dave Matthews Band (this one surprised me. I didn't realize I listen to it that much)
  5. The Glass Passenger - Jack's Mannequin

I agree with iTunes, Matt  Nathanson is my favorite album. It's mellow and usually fits whatever mood I'm in. I love singing along to it, whether in my car or at my desk or making dinner. It's really rare for me to like EVERY song on one album, but this one is an exception.

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Thanks Crystal for sharing!

Here is a Youtube sample of Car Crash from Some Mad Hope:

Purchasing links for Some Mad Hope by Matt Nathanson are US/UK/Canada
Purchasing links for Radiohead’s  Kid A on Amazon are US/UK/Canada
Stay tuned for Layers of Thought’s 200th follower Give Away. Yee Ha!


Crystal said...

Yay!! Thanks, Shellie and JD for the CD!!

Bleuette said...

Congrats Winners!

Unknown said...

Crystal -
Congrats Again!

Maria -
Thanks for your support. :)

David Wagner said...

Crystal for President! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Thanks David!

Krista said...

OH, congrats Crystal!!! YAY!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Krista!

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