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Thoughts on Writing: A Collection by Published Authors

Day 1 - JoeLodge

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Writing Thoughts from Published Authors 

Included here is a collection of posts on Layers of Thought from the last several years which address writing. It’s a perfect collection in honor of the tail end of November and NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), since many readers are often writers.

In the hopes of being helpful I’ve broken the blog post into sub-categories - Motivation and Creativity, Publishing and Marketing, and lastly Nuts and Bolts. Here’s to looking at the writing process - whether it’s concentrated within a month, a project that lasts a year or more, or just from an interested outsider. Please enjoy.

Motivation and Creativity

Kristen Wolf author of THE WAY writes about how she started her novel in the post “How THE WAY Came to Be”.

Daniel A. Rabuzzi author of The Choir Boats and The Indigo Pheasant  addresses creativity in “A Picture-Show in the Night-Kitchen”.

James Garcia Jr. author of Dance on Fire writes about perseverance in his post called “Dreams”.

Publishing and Marketing

Danielle Ackley-McPhail author of A LEGACY OF STARS tells about “The Changing Face of Publishing”.

Nelle Davy author of THE LEGACY OF EDEN writes about “An Insider’s Look at the Publication Process”.

 James Garcia, Jr. author of the DANCE ON FIRE series tells us about creating an author’s platform.

Nuts and Bolts

S.G. Browne author of Lucky Bastard addresses his setting choice, which in this case is San Francisco. 

Jane Kindred author of The Fallen Queen talks about world building in her guest post “Angelology and World Building”.

Alma Katsu author of The Reckoning discusses her writing techniques – specifically around her methodology for plotting in “Taming the Writing Process”.

Stephanie Chong author of Where Demons Fear to Tread tells us about how she developed and researched the “mythology” in her book.

R. S. Belcher author of THE SIX GUN TAROT shares how and why he created his fantastical yet historical world, exemplified in his steam punk novel.

Nicole Wolverton author of A Trajectory of Dreams tells us about “Developing Dark Characters”.

Lucinda Riley author of The Girl on the Cliff recommends “Five Golden Rules” for historical fiction writers.

“Keeping it Short” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail is a post where the author addresses the short story.

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