Friday, November 15, 2013

Giveaway: Watcher of the Dark by Joseph Nassise

Watcher of the Dark - Joesph Nassise

Giveaway for Watcher of the Dark (The Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle - Volume 3 of 3) for US and Canada. It is a stand-alone book.

Publisher’s description:  A Jeremiah Hunt Supernatural Thriller

New Orleans was nearly the death of Jeremiah Hunt, between a too-close brush with the FBI and a chilling, soul-searing journey through the realm of the dead that culminated with a do-or-die confrontation with Death himself. But now Hunt is back and on the run in Watcher of the Dark.

But when he performs an arcane ritual to reclaim the soul of the magically gifted, beautiful woman who once saved him, he must flee the law once again, to Los Angeles, city of angels, a temporary sanctuary.

In L.A., he has to contend with Carlos Fuentes, who sees in Hunt a means to obtain the mystical key that would open the gates of Hell. Fuentes knows Hunt’s weakness—his loyalty to the woman he loves, and to another "gifted" friend—and uses the real threat of torturing them as a way to get Hunt to help complete his dread quest.

Hunt has learned a lot since his life was irrevocably hijacked by fate months ago. But when his friends are threatened by the supernatural predator known as the Preacher, Hunt knows that all his newfound experience and ability will go for naught unless he can keep both the Preacher and Fuentes at bay long enough for him to somehow find a way to free his friends from mortal peril.

Joseph Nassise delivers another thrilling novel in his dark, urban fantasy series, the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles.

Tor Books | 11/19/2013 | Hardcover | 304 pages

If your interested you can read John’s review of Eyes to See, the first book in the series by clicking on the book’s title. Here’s his short description of the book:

A very dark urban fantasy about a grieving father who gives up his natural eyesight in order to see things differently. 

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Becky LeJeune said...

Nice review! I recently bought the first book in this series and am anxious to read it!

Unknown said...

Hi Becky -
John says thank you for your thoughts on his review.

I hope you enjoy the first book in the series and good luck for this contest!

Denise Z said...

I recently came across the first book in the series and did not know there were more. Definitely adding to my wishlist. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Denise -
I understand that they are all stand-alone.

Good luck in the contest.

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