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Review: The Book of Lost Fragrances ~ by M.J. Rose

The Book of Lost Fragrances

Review by Shellie for: The Book of Lost Fragrances ~ by M.J. Rose

The latest page-turning stand-alone story in M.J. Rose’s Reincarnationist series. Fragrance plays a key roll in assisting the characters in accessing their past-life knowledge, which creates drama and intrigue in its thrilling pages.

About:   Robbie and Jac L’Etoile have inherited their family’s centuries old perfume business that has been passed down through the generations since Napoleonic times. The once flourishing business is in a shambles due to their father’s dementia which has deteriorated to the point where the siblings now have control of the fragrance house. Although close since childhood, the brother and sister are now in conflict about what to do with the business.

Robbie believes he has the method of finding a perfume – a lost fragrance, which will facilitate the smeller to reach a meditative state, assisting them to find their soul-mate. He’s assured himself that an artifact which he has found in his fathers work room will allow him to re-discover the lost element for this special fragrance, one that was created and used during Cleopatra’s reign centuries ago. When Robbie and the artifact disappear, intrigue and drama ensue as a variety of factions and individuals try to find him or to keep him missing.

Thoughts:  Interwoven in the story are historical tales including reincarnation-based religious beliefs systems from China, Tibet, and Egypt. It has a multilayered story line and a variety of complex characters, but the plot is surprisingly easy to follow. This is another very readable book in this continuing series, where several of the characters attempt to prove that reincarnation does exist – while others would like it to remain just a paranormal imagining.

M.J. Rose has a very easy-to-read style that is light and slightly flowery, making this book similar to her others - a page turner. The story has a complex story line with a variety of characters which the author handles well, so the reader does not become overwhelmed or needlessly lost. She deals out the story line in small chapters, varying and alternating each character’s story, so it is a book that is easy to dip in and out of. A perfect read for someone who has a few minutes here of there to read.

If you’re interested in a thrilling read, have a curiosity about reincarnation, or like historical fiction and paranormal stories, then this will be a great book for you. You can start here with the series and work your way backwards since M.J. Rose has created a stand-alone in this book. And the series is so easy to read so you just may want to pick them all up. I did. I think that this is my favorite of the series because I liked the inclusion of the reincarnation beliefs and history of Tibet, specifically some of the modern occurrences. I am curious as to where that author will take this series next. Another 4 star for the fourth book in this very readable and thrilling series.

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Here are the other three books in the series in publication order:

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  • The Memorist (#2)
  • The Hypnotist (#3)

See my three book - group review for the first three in the series.

This book is part of a tour and the badge above links to the designated page for The Book of Lost Fragrances at our host’s site. Also part of the tour and coming up on April 5th is a short guest post on “lost fragrance” for all those perfume lovers out there, from M. J. Rose.


Sarah M said...

I must admit that while I loved the Tibetan parts, I found the rest of the story a bit choppy. The book did stand alone quite well though.

Unknown said...

Sarah -
Yes I get why you would think it was a bit choppy. Do you think it was her short skipping around chapters?

I like the technique though... moving around from character to character. It leaves you hanging which I think gives it more a thrilling/thriller quality.

I have enjoyed all of her Reincarnation books quite a lot... but I like reincarnation as a belief system.

Thanks for commenting Sarah - I beginning to think I would not get any for this review.

ChristasBooks said...

I loved how many histories were interwoven in this story - especially the Tibetan parts. ANd you're right this was a total page turner!

Unknown said...

Christa -
I am glad you liked the Tibetan parts too (I have this big attraction to the area) and that you agree with me about it being a page turner. I think I noticed you mentioned that in your review on Goodreads!

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