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Incoming Books: March 27, 2012

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Incoming Books ~ March 27, 2012

It’s our fun-filled and exciting Incoming Books feature, where we share our newest books up for review. I have included book covers, some basic stats, and truncated publishers’ blurbs about the books. With some great choices to share for new, fairly new, and soon to be published reads, I thought these new books made a nice contrast to these lovely oldies in the picture to the left.

So tell us, as we are always glad to hear:  Which of these books would you pick up and read first?

Speculative Fiction:

range of ghosts

Range of Ghosts ~ by Elizabeth Bear; Tor Books, March 2012.

Temur, grandson of the Great Khan, is walking away from a battlefield where he was left for dead. All around lie the fallen armies of his cousin and his brother, who made war to rule the Khaganate. Temur is now the legitimate heir by blood to his grandfather’s throne, but he is not the strongest. Going into exile is the only way to survive his ruthless cousin.

Once-Princess Samarkar is climbing the thousand steps of the Citadel of the Wizards of Tsarepheth. She was heir to the Rasan Empire until her father got a son on a new wife. Then she was sent to be the wife of a Prince in Song, but that marriage ended in battle and blood. Now she has renounced her worldly power to seek the magical power of the wizards. These two will come together to stand against the hidden cult that has so carefully brought all the empires of the Celadon Highway to strife and civil war through guile and deceit and sorcerous power.

a sliver of shadow

A Sliver of Shadow (book 2) ~ by Allison Pang; Pocket Books, February 2012.

War is hell. And war with hell is no fun either.    

Just when her new life as a TouchStone—a mortal bound to help OtherFolk cross between Faery and human worlds—seems to be settling down, Abby Sinclair is left in charge when the Protectorate, Moira, leaves for the Faery Court. And when the Protectorate’s away . . . let’s just say things spiral out of control when a spell on Abby backfires and the Faery Queen declares the Doors between their worlds officially closed. The results are disastrous for both sides: OtherFolk trapped in the mortal world are beginning to fade, while Faery is on the brink of war with the daemons of Hell. Along with her brooding elven prince Talivar and sexy incubus Brystion, Abby ventures to the CrossRoads in an attempt to override the Queen’s magic. But nothing in this beautiful, dangerous realm will compare to the discoveries she’s making about her past, her destiny, and what she will sacrifice for those she loves.

a brush of darkness

A Brush of Darkness (book 1) ~ by Allison Pang; Pocket Books, January 2011.

The man of her dreams might be the cause of her nightmares.  

Six months ago, Abby Sinclair was struggling to pick up the pieces of her shattered life. Now, she has an enchanted iPod, a miniature unicorn living in her underwear drawer, and a magical marketplace to manage. But despite her growing knowledge of the OtherWorld, Abby isn’t at all prepared for Brystion, the dark, mysterious, and sexy-as- sin incubus searching for his sister, convinced Abby has the key to the succubus’s whereabouts. Abby has enough problems without having this seductive shape-shifter literally invade her dreams to get information. But when her Faery boss and some of her friends vanish, as well, Abby and Brystion must form an uneasy alliance. As she is sucked deeper and deeper into this perilous world of faeries, angels, and daemons, Abby realizes her life is in as much danger as her heart—and there’s no one she can trust to save her.

lucky bastard

Lucky Bastard ~ by S.G. Browne Gallery Books, April 2012.

As San Francisco’s infamous luck poacher, Nick doesn’t know whether his ability to swipe other people’s fortunes with a simple handshake is a blessing or a curse. Ever since his youth, Nick has swallowed more than a few bitter truths when it comes to wheeling and dealing in destinies. Because whether the highest bidders of Nick’s serendipitous booty are celebrities, yuppies, or douche bag vegans, the unsavory fact remains: luck is the most powerful, addictive, and dangerous drug of them all. And no amount of cappuccinos, Lucky Charms, or apple fritters can sweeten the notion that Nick might be exactly what his father once claimed—as ambitious as a fart.

That is, until Tuesday Knight, the curvy brunette who also happens to be the mayor’s daughter, approaches Nick with an irresistible offer: $100,000 to retrieve her father’s stolen luck. Could this high-stakes deal let Nick do right? Or will kowtowing to another greedmonger’s demands simply fund Nick’s addiction to corporate coffee bars while his morality drains down the toilet? Before he downs his next mocha, Nick finds himself at the mercy of a Chinese mafia kingpin and with no choice but to scour the city for the purest kind of luck, a hunt more titillating than softcore porn. All he has to do to stay ahead of the game is remember that you can’t take something from someone without eventually paying like hell for it. . . .

return man

The Return Man ~ by V.M. Zito; Hodder; March 2012.

The outbreak tore the USA in two. The east remains a safe haven. The west has become a ravaged wilderness. They call it the Evacuated States. It is here that Henry Marco makes his living. Hired by grieving relatives, he tracks down the dead to deliver peace.

Now Homeland Security wants Marco, for a mission unlike any other. He must return to California, where the apocalypse began. Where a secret is hidden. And where his own tragic past waits to punish him again. But in the wastelands of America, you never know who - or what - is watching you . . .


Nocturnal ~ by Scott Sigler; Crown | Hodder; April 2012.

Homicide detective Bryan Clauser is losing his mind.   How else to explain the dreams he keeps having—dreams that mirror, with impossible accuracy, the gruesome serial murders taking place all over San Francisco? How else to explain the feelings these dreams provoke in him—not disgust, not horror, but excitement?

Doubting his own sanity and stripped of his badge, Bryan begins to suspect that he’s stumbled into the crosshairs of a shadow war that has gripped his city for more than a century—a war waged by a race of killers living in San Francisco’s unknown, underground ruins, emerging at night to feed on those who will not be missed.

And as Bryan learns the truth about his own intimate connections to the killings, he discovers that those who matter most to him are in mortal danger…and that he may be the only man gifted—or cursed—with the power to do battle with the nocturnals.

General and Indie Fiction:


Sacrilege ~ by S.J. Parris; Random House, April 2012.

London, summer of 1584: Radical philosopher, ex-monk, and spy Giordano Bruno suspects he is being followed by an old enemy. He is shocked to discover that his pursuer is in fact Sophia Underhill, a young woman with whom he was once in love. When Bruno learns that Sophia has been accused of murdering her husband, a prominent magistrate in Canterbury, he agrees to do anything he can to help clear her name.

In the city that was once England's greatest center of pilgrimage, Bruno begins to uncover unsuspected secrets that point to the dead man being part of a larger and more dangerous plot in the making. He must turn his detective's eye on history—on Saint Thomas Becket, the twelfth-century archbishop murdered in Canterbury Cathedral, and on the legend surrounding the disappearance of his body—in order to solve the crime.

dancing on broken glass

Dancing on Broken Glass ~ Ka Hancock;  Gallery Books, March 2012.

Lucy Houston and Mickey Chandler probably shouldn’t have fallen in love, let alone gotten married. They’re both plagued with faulty genes—he has bipolar disorder; she, a ravaging family history of breast cancer. But when their paths cross on the night of Lucy’s twenty-first birthday, sparks fly, and there’s no denying their chemistry.

Cautious every step of the way, they are determined to make their relationship work—and they put their commitment in writing. Mickey will take his medication. Lucy won’t blame him for what is beyond his control. He promises honesty. She promises patience. Like any marriage, there are good days and bad days—and some very bad days. But when Lucy shows up for a routine physical just shy of their eleventh anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything.


The Tiger’s Eye ~ by Glady Swan; Serving House Journal, 2011.

With her tenth book, The Tiger’s Eye, writer, poet, visual artist Gladys Swan displays her mastery of the short-story form and confirms her place as one of the supreme storytellers of her generation.

Every main character in Swan’s collection is hiding behind a façade, reaching out, but never truly connecting with anyone else in his or her life. Over the many years that the Swan oeuvre has accumulated, this hidden and unshared separation anxiety has shown itself to be her signature preoccupation. The ultimate point being that, in one way or another, we all live as if we’re the Other. We connect physically, but that’s as deep as it goes. The blood/brain barrier is never crossed except in our illusions—those illusions that allow us to ride the surface of life and avoid seeing into the precarious, soul-shredding depths of unbearable reality.

written in the ashes

Written in the Ashes ~ K. Hollan Van Zandt; Balboa Press, January 2011.

Who burned the Great Library of Alexandria? When the Roman Empire collapses in the 5th century, the city of Alexandria, Egypt is plagued with unrest. Paganism is declared punishable by death and the populace splinters in religious upheaval.

Hannah, a beautiful Jewish shepherd girl is abducted from her home in the mountains of Sinai and sold as a slave in Alexandria to Alizar, an alchemist and successful vintner. Her rapturous singing voice destines her to become the most celebrated bard in the Great Library. Meanwhile, the city’s bishop, Cyril, rises in power as his priests roam the streets persecuting the pagans. But while most citizens submit, a small resistance fights for justice.

oxford messed up

Oxford Messed Up ~ by Andrea Kayne Kaufman; Grant Place Press; November 2011.

Who knew that life in one Oxford dorm, with a shared bathroom, would become the catalyst for self-examination and exploration not only of one’s soul, but ultimately of one’s soulmate? The lyrics of Van Morrison‘s music, the poetry of Sylvia Plath, and an old clawfoot bathtub provoke this unexpected journey where the exotic locale of Oxford University is an engaging backdrop for true learning as Gloria Zimmerman and Henry Young discover the loveliness in their own germs and each other.

Their relationship evolves from a shared obsession with Van Morrison’s music into a desire on the part of each to fill in the gaps in the life of the other. Henry seeks to enable Gloria to conquer her OCD and enter the world of intimacy, while Gloria will help Henry achieve academic success and earn the respect of his implacable father. Yet the constraints of a debilitating illness and the looming revelation of a catastrophic secret conspire to throw their worlds into upheaval, and threaten the possibilities of their unlikely, yet redemptive love.

That’s all folks for this selection of books.

So please do tell: Which of these books would you choose to read first?


ediFanoB said...

I should not read posts like this one because I own too many unread books. But I can't resist.

My favorite book of your list is 'Sacrilege' by S.J. Parris.

I read and like 'Heresy' by S.J. Parris and 'Prophecy' is part of my tbr pile. Of course I ordered a paperback copy of 'Sacrilege' in advance (to be published in autumn 2012). So there will time to read 'Prophecy'.

Unknown said...

Edi -
Me too, but posts like this are so much fun... I love them.

I think one of the reasons I chose this book was because of one of your book adds on Goodreads.

Hopefully it will be okay as a stand alone.

Thanks for sharing!

nrlymrtl said...

Range of Ghosts - E. Bear rocks!

Unknown said...

nrlymrtl -

I have not read anything by her yet, but have several of her books in my teetering pile.

I started the book a few nights ago and it's really good. An epic fantasy that has the feel of Ancient China and Genghis Khan. I like that.

Excellent choice!

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