Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review: Shadow Bound ~ by Erin Kellison



Shadow Bound ~ by Erin Kellison (reviewed by Shellie)

A dark adult fairy story/urban fantasy that was fun, intelligent, has an element of paranormal romance, and a very creative premise. All based on a legend that includes a visit from an interesting version of death himself.

A Bit About:  Talia O’Brien is an odd ball with an unusual history. Lets say she's a blend of two types of beings. She knows she’s different and even looks a tad odd - yet in a pretty sort of way. She’s smart, with a PhD, and also has an unusual gift. It is one that she is not quite comfortable with and not aware of its strengths. Interestingly she manages to hide it from herself and others until things start to get really complicated - and they do!

Thoughts:   Not my usual choice of read having a tendency to veer away from genre books like this, I requested it on a whim from Shelf Awareness for fun and interest’s sake (I am exploring speculative fiction).  Gleefully, it did not start off with blatant sex or violence – a bad thing in my brain. It became better as I read more. I found the writing to be intelligent and readable, and the story possessed a dark and fairy based theme. I am starting to be very interested in fairies and devour dark themes.

The author has created a well-explained world with no loose elements within her complex yet easy-to-read sentence structure. It was quite a page turner which makes it a perfect escapist read. I also adored the size of this little book with its dense pages. It was easy to handle and carry and I liked that aspect for our latest plane ride. Less to handle in those cramped seats.

My only little complaint was one bit which I will never forget. It’s really sad when you laugh at a sex scene…especially when its supposed to be passionate and consummating. I laughed myself silly while re-reading it to John. I imagine that’s what this type of genre fiction is all about and what makes it fun for most readers. Beyond that I still enjoyed the rest of the story.

The best part of the book was that the ending was unexpected and intriguing, setting the reader up for the next in this planned series but with enough closure so as not to annoy. (The book felt like it was a stand alone). I was sufficiently impressed enough that will be looking to get my hands on the second book which is already released. I really enjoyed this genre paranormal romance and give it 3.5 stars. A fun darkly fluffy escapist read.

Shadow Bound ~ by Erin Kellison  US|UK|Canada.

If your interested in finding publisher’s information on Shadow Bound, please link to Layers of Thought’s preview for the book.


Shadow Fall  is the second in the series and was published at the end of 2010. US|UK|Canada.

There are two more books in tow. One in September 2011 – Shadowman;  and in June 2011 a novella set in the shadow world – Shadow Touch.

For more information on the author – Erin Kellison and her upcoming books for this series (which have great covers), link to her website

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Thanks for reading and have a great Saturday!


Blodeuedd said...

Lol, dark and fluffy, well that I just have to read :)

Unknown said...

Blodeudd -
There is one way to describe romance books like this - Fluffy!

I think you will like this one and read it in one sitting.

Suzanne Yester said...

It says a lot when you are waiting impatiently for the next book! This would not be my first choice in book genre either, but sometimes we are surprised by what is not our "norm". I'm putting this on my TBR list now, just because of your great and honest review! Sounds like I may be surprised too!

Unknown said...

Suzanne -
Good think I can down load the next in the series on my nook, and if I did not have this teetering pile next to my bed I would have completed it by now!

I hope you enjoy the book like I did... it is very "fluffy". There is little intellectual depth.. just fun!

I will be looking out for your thoughts about it - especially that sex scene.... lol....

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