Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Colors from the Spring ~ Desert Blooms



A taste of Spring for the Fall!

Needing a break from books, I thought I would share these Spring flowers since they have a “Fall-ish”  tone to them. All were taken from March through May of  2010. 

As you can see, our desert landscape turns to a sea of yellow for the season.  These were taken in a local park in the city of Fountain Hills. It is about 20 miles East of Phoenix AZ. This park borders on Native American Reservation land where there are no buildings to block the glorious views.



It is truly amazing when walking in all this color, you feel like you could be the color yellow itself or perhaps that you are hallucinating. An incredible experience which is truly indescribable.




Here are the local desert mallow on the right and the native Mexican poppies to the left which are tiny compared to the Californian poppies I am familiar with. 


This is one of the desert’s most beautiful flowers – the saguaro bloom (desert rose). It appears just as it starts getting very warm here. They are big and waxy and full of buzzing critters of all sorts. 

DSCN0104moms camera 078

Lastly, on the left is the flower of the buckhorn cholla, which can vary from deep purple to light yellowish green and any combination of the spectrum in between; on the right is the lovely prickly pear which also varies similarly in color.

Please enjoy the Spring 2010 flowers in all their “Fall-ish” hue and have a wonderful weekend!


Shain Brown said...

I have a lot of family that live in Arizona and even though I love Florida and couldn't picture myself living in the dessert the views and colors are always so breathtaking.

Unknown said...

Cheers Shainer,
We have finally come to enjoy the area - at first feeling like we had arrived to Hades it was not quite home with John from England and myself from SF bay area.

I think we have finally become acclimated in the last 5 years.

I have been to Florida once. It was beautiful so can relate.

Amanda Makepeace said...

What lovely images! Most people don't realize the beauty you can find in the desert.

Unknown said...

We think so now too.

But when we first moved here it was during a drought - goodness. I am starting to really love the area...

Thanks Amanda!

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