Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween ~ to our Ghoulish Fiends and Readers!



Happy Halloween, Samhain,  All Saints, All Souls, and Dia de los Muertos! ~ One of the best times of the Year.

We love Fall; never mind that it’s still 90 degrees here in the desert. We can  still imagine the fall weather that exists almost everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere.

And what a perfect excuse to dress up, party, eat candy, and make a grand fool of oneself whatever your age. So much fun and so many wonderful historical holidays revolve around this seasonal event with its most prevalent theme – DEATH, zombies, witches and more.

Which brings me to the picture on the left where I am if fact being courted by death. His fingers creeping upon my head and his wanton smile as I stand ignorant to his grasp. Yikes!  (I do have to admit he was a very cute death – with a nice English accent, so I did not mind too much. Shh,,,,Just don’t tell John. *giggle*)

The above picture was taken in the ancient market town of York, located in North Yorkshire England. John took this as we were standing in line for a horror tour on our last trip to the UK this August; and yes, it was raining! 

This spooky fellow lured us into descending into the recesses of the ancient underground bowels of an old building. It is common knowledge that York is loaded with them and  according to legend, torturing and all sorts of atrocities occurred in these tunnels.  During the tour one actor singled John out and attempted to use an ancient iron device which, shall we say, “removes” male body parts.  We were all in hysterics – except John!

Moving on here we have some more scary stuff.

Below are a few pictures from our last year’s post and a link so that you can create one of  yourself.   Link to our 2009 Halloween post.

ZOMBIELAND_1256932397792_thumb ZOMBIELAND_1256934919125_thumb

How would you like these two to chase you for their personal culinary enjoyment?  Gosh I look happy. Perhaps I just ate?

Now for a summary of our creepy, scary, and horror-related posts for this season:

We end this Holiday post with a bizarrely creepy song.  We have John to thank for it with his 1970’s/60’s rock and roll interest. It has a witchy theme.



Enjoy ~ Have a fun, horror filled, and safe weekend!


Arielle said...

Woah, those pictures are creepy, definitely wouldn't want to be chased by either of them :P

Unknown said...

Arielle -
Not sure which would be worse being one of being chased by one. I had so much fun making those. I laughed myself silly last year.

I hope your doing something fun for Halloween. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Hihi I have a pic like that on facebook ;)

Btw, thanks for the book suggestion, Laurel had some nice books

Unknown said...

Blodeuedd -
I have to check that out. I had fun... we are so ugly!

I am not a big face book person. I get lost for hours and get nothing done so have not seen your zombie pic.

You bet about the book. If you read it and like it then I can put it higher up on my reading list.

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