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Author Tour: Ramona Moreno Winner - children’s author and cultural awareness educator shares with us her wonderful bilingual books


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Author, Speaker, and Educator – Ramona Moreno Winner

We are featuring Ramona here today to learn a bit about her, her important work, and her cute and fun children’s books.

Welcome Ramona!

Ramona Moreno Winner is an award winning author and publisher of bilingual books for children with multicultural themes. She entered the publishing industry in 1996 girded with lots of tenacity as well as skills in writing, public relations and marketing. Through trial and error, she has built a successful, small publishing company whose goal is to empower children and expand their knowledge of other cultures.

A world traveler, Ramona has shared her multicultural stories with children around the world. She has visited Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Seychelles, India, Kenya, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico and Portugal.

Ramona offers presentations on diversity and sensitivity to educators and students of all ages. A member of the local Toast Masters Club, Ramona is a dynamic speaker and has traveled to different states presenting to children, teachers, librarians and parent groups. Her bilingual delivery allows a wider audience to enjoy her stories and learn her precious lessons.

Ramona resides in Goleta, CA with her husband of 31 years and her two sons ages 17 and 24. She loves to read and is thrilled at the opportunity to learn something new. Her days are filled with her publishing work and caring for her family.


To find out more about, and to contact Ramona Moreno Winner go to her website, and her Goodreads’ account. Linked in her Goodreads’ profile are a variety of videos about her books, as well as examples of her amazing crowd pleasing speaking skills. For example, there is one where she has elementary school educators eat, in front a laughing student population, baked crickets. So much fun!

Now a bit about her books:

Featured Title

The Wooden Bowl


The Wooden Bowl – El bol de Madera, a retelling of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale #78. Diego teaches his parents a lesson on how to treat his aging grandfather; the way the parents treat the grandfather now, is how Diego will be treating them when they become elderly and in need of care. This story carries a message for all generations. 2010 National Parenting Publications Honor Award Winner and 2010 International Book Awards – Award Winning Finalist in two categories: Parenting/Family and Children’s Picture Books.


Here Ramona tells about The Wooden Bowl.


Amazon purchasing links for the US/UK/Canada for The Wooden Bowl.

    586166 Her three other titles:

Lucas and His Loco Beans, a bilingual tale of Mexican Jumping Beans. Children from all walks of life, all races, all religions, will enjoy this unique window into the world of a Hispanic grandfather and his grandson. The passing down of a simple treasure (the pleasure of playing with Mexican Jumping Beans) will make your heart sing as the grandfather shares this special gift. The story is in English and Spanish making this a book available for wider distribution. 2003 IPPY Award and 2003 Latino Book Award Winner!


Amazon purchasing links for the US/UK/Canada for Lucas and His Loco Beans.


5471654Freaky Foods From Around the WorldPlatillos Sorprendentes de Todo el Mundo – An all-time favorite and the winner of the 2005 National Parenting Publications Gold Award and 2006 International Latino Book Award, is about a grandmother who cooks lunch for her grandson’s school friends. The menu is all but common. The children learn about foods from other countries. They learn a great lesson on tolerance and learn the value of trying new things.

Amazon purchasing links for the US/UK/Canada for Freaky Foods From Around the World.



It’s Okay To Be Different! ¡Esta Bien Ser Diferente! Is a wonderful book that allows children to compare without criticism. Children learn the many differences they will find from one individual to the next. The fact that we eat and taste things in a manner unique to each person, that we smell things in our own unique way, and that we look different are all addressed in this book. Ramona encourages children to celebrate the differences in themselves and others by reminding them that it is Okay To Be Different! This book received a great review by Archbishop Desmund Tutu and sales at the United Nations Books Shop have been steady for several years.

Amazon purchasing links for the US/UK/Canada for It’s Okay To Be Different!


A big thank you to Ramona Winner for being our guest. The work she does and the books she writes are very important to further understanding between cultures and more, and even better she makes it fun!

If you have any questions for the author please let me know in the comments. I will forward them to Ramona.

Thank you for reading Layers of Thought!


waqas ali 11657 said...

Its a very nice topic, I love to read such topics

Unknown said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Shellie what a wondeful presentation you have here. I'm gonna have to send you my book. ha ha I'm glad you like Ramona's book. They are all award winner books. People need to know that many of Latino authors are award winners. Thank you for a fine job you did. Jo Ann Hernandez
BronzeWord Latino Book Tours

Unknown said...

Thanks Jo Ann!
I agree completely - yes send me your book. :) Lets get it posted.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Shellie...I hardly recognized your new blog look (no bathtub) :) Looks great though. Hope all is well; sorry I have not been by in a and life gets in the way sometimes

Unknown said...

Hi Diane -
Yes I understand about the life stuff. I've had a few readers whom have not stopped by recently and that have been shocked, and confused... and thinking they area at the wrong

I thought it would be fun and should publish a post about the new header... but I may change it again.

Jesse Torres said...

Meet Ramona at a book reading for kids in Los Angeles on September 11th. See the Facebook events page:!/event.php?eid=145210762182911&ref=mf

We are THRILLED to have her join us to read to the kids.


Jesse Torres
President and CEO
Pan American Bank
Los Angeles, CA 90063

Unknown said...

Thanks Jesse -
From her videos she looks like an amazing and fun speaker.

I hope this comment brings in some more people interested in Ramona and her books. :)

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