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Valentines Day Guest Post: Susi from The Geeky Bookworm Shares with Us her Favorite Romantic and Sexy Science Fiction Books


One of my favorite blogger girls is Susi from The Geeky Book Worm. I love her site, and her tweets. She always has something fun to post and is always up and positive. Most of all, she addresses something most of us could use a little more of and which is pertinent to this special day – Valentines Day. It is sex and romance… but with one of my favorite little flairs… here she is including it with Science Fiction. What a combo!

Welcome Susi! It is such a pleasure to have you do this guest post.


A Geeky Love for Romance

One of my greatest Loves is one not too many girls agree on. I have a deep addiction to anything science fiction- I love the movies, the tv series, the computer games and for sure I adore the books. Nothing is better than being sucked into an unknown world with other species or at least great technology to envy. Who wouldn't love to have all those fancy voice control or even one of those great floating cars without any emissions? I want that ASAP!

So I thought I will talk to you about my Top 5 Romantic-Science-Fiction reads today. It's valentines day after all and Geek Girls are only just girls. So here they are:

1. The Alien Huntress Series by Gena Showalter
At the moment this series counts 5 full length novels and novella.

The books are set in the future. Our world has been invaded by aliens and after a bloody war we now live in a kind of peace with them. The aliens have their rights but are also restricted and we have a special enforcement agency to get the bad aliens who don't follow our rules. This agency is AIR - Alien Investigation & Removal and our heroes are working for this institution. We meet a few very impressive aliens and learn to love or to hate them.

This series is special to me because of Ms. Showalter's humor and her unique way of introducing and giving life to this world. I loved every book so far and recommend this to everyone who likes books with a mix of action, love and laughs!

2. The Sirantha Jax Series by Ann Aguirre
This series has a typical science fiction touch with space travel and a huge universe full of aliens. As in most space travel stories we have a unique technique to reach other planets- the solution for this problem here is Grimspace. It's kind of like Subspace in Star Trek but to travel in Grimspace you need a Jumper. A Jumper is a person with the J-Gene. This Gene is a rare genetic feature which gives the person the ability to navigate in Grimspace. The downside of being a jumper is a relative short life expectation. Most jumpers don't reach the age of 30. The heroine in this series is Sirantha Jax, a jumper with abnormal long life and the ability to get into trouble no matter what. We travel with her through the universe and can take a glimpse into the workings of this society. At the moment the series consists of 3 novels and a fourth will be released in October this year.

3. The In Death Series by J.D. Robb
This is a very opulent series with 37 installments (not all are full novel length). I haven't read them all but I so plan to do so. This series is more futuristic than scifi in the common sense but it's so good I just couldn't NOT include it in this list. The story is set in a futuristic New York with many little techy things to admire. The world already achieved space travel and also has a few colonies and space stations to call their own. The world has changed- guns are forbidden, prostitution is only allowed with a license and nearly everything is voice controlled.

The books all focus on the life of Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her investigations for the NYPSD. She's the best cop New York has and gives all she has to solve the murders. One of the other best things about these books is Roarke- her very un-scifi husband. He's not very much into the new technology, really down to earth for a multimillionaire and one of the sexiest men I ever read about.

4. The Federation Chronicles by Lauren Dane
This is an erotic science fictions series and not for the faint of heart! Just so you are warned.

This story is set in a world of different 'Verses. The world is divided into the Federation, the good side and the Imperialist, the mighty bad side. The series describes the conflict between these two opponents out from the view point of the Federation. It also highlights the very unfair caste system this world has developed. This series is more culturally orientated than the usual science fiction but that turns it into something special in my eyes. These are very erotic and sexy reads- so be sure to have something cold handy to cool you down. The stories are unique and so heartbreakingly good that I just can't wait to read the third installment.

5. The Dead World Series by Jordan Summers
This series is a mix between science fiction and paranormal. We've got the futuristic, nearly murder free world and a bunch of creatures, the Others which are denied and hunted by the government.
The setting is post-apocalyptic and has a darker touch than most scifi books. Some parts are really hard to stomach but Ms. Jordan has the right voice to get us through all the bad things. I enjoyed the image she created here: we've got the utopia but it crumbles before our eyes.

The first book, Red, is a great interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood with a bit more blood and sex in it than the original. We have the bad wolves and a murder to be solved.

This series consists of three books, Red, Crimson, and Scarlet which are all currently available.

So that was my list. What are your favorite romantic science fiction books?


Thanks so much for sharing with us here at Layers of Thought - Susi. It has been a pleasure reading about your favorite romantic Science Fiction reads.

*All comments will be addressed by Susi and myself/Shellie



Susi’s Personal Bio:

I am a 24 year old Geeky Bookworm in Magdeburg, Germany (yep, the Tokio Hotel city and I'm not proud of that fact). I love almost everything science-fiction and paranormal: in books, movies or TV form. I am proud to be a little geeky but try to keep my freaky side in check (sometimes it still slips out). I love to read, as might notice by looking around at my little place of the interwebz. I enjoy urban fantasy, paranormal romance, romances in general (which girl doesn't! LOL) and Science Fiction, but I'm open for everything else. Okay, except perhaps cook books. 

Where to get in touch with me: blog twitter facebook goodreads and Book Lovers Inc. as The Geeky Book Lover.


Amazon links for purchase of the above first book in each of the series are as follows:

  • Awaken Me Darkly by Gena Showalter – the first book in the series (US/UK/Canada)
  • Grimspace by Anna Aguiree – the first book in the series (US/UK/Canada)
  • Naked in Death by JD Robb/ Nora Roberts – the first book in her series (US/UK/Canada)
  • Undercover by Lauren Dane – the first in the series (US/UK/Canada)
  • Red by Jordan Summers – the first in her series (US/UK/Canada)

Have a wonderful Love-day everyone and thanks for reading Layers of Thought!


Blodeuedd said...

Hi Susi :D
Oh fan, my kind of books. The Dane book I can agree with (even if I have only read Relentless) and Aguirre is fun

Leontine said...

I've read RED and UNDERCOVER and loved them both, I think I read them both cover to cover in 1/2 days :) And I have Ann Aguirre on the shelves...does that make me a Geek sidekick??

Unknown said...

Blodeuedd -
I have not read any of Susi favorites yet...Not sure which one I will read first I am thinking the Dane book. Something about the cover and the title. ;)

Leotine -
I've seen the Aguirre book around all over the place and have it on my list too.

I'm thinking if that if you read more than two books a month that qualifies you as a bookworm.. if you like sci fi then you are a geek.

Thanks for the comments :)

SusiSunshine said...

@Blodeuedd You should really try Gena's books. Soooo good!

@Leontine LOL...sidekick sounds good to me. But we can work to make you a whole geek. And I so agree about Red and Undercover. The reason they are in my top 5.

@Shellie First of all thanks for having me over! You should read them all. LOL But with which one to start really depends on your preferences. They are all special in there own way.

Unknown said...

Susi -
You are so welcome.. its my pleasure to have you share your favorite romantic sci fi.

Perfect for Valentines day.

Now to read some...:)

Edie said...

I have read all those except for the Jordan Summers, might have to give them a whirl.

Unknown said...

girrlit -
Let us know what you think and
Thanks for commenting.. hopefully the expert will chime up here. :)

SusiSunshine said...

@girrlit I really enjoyed it. The mood is a bit dark but science fiction aspect is really good developed. I loved it when the scifi is mixed up with paranormal. You should give it a try!

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