Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

garden_spells1 Touted as a book with magical realism, I have to agree. Garden Spells is a sweet and enchanting novel that takes the reader into a world that is real to life but it has elements that are supernatural. It is not literature. It is wonderfully fun fluff.

Mini Synopsis: The Waverleys have been residents of this small Southern town for generations. That the women of this family have special gifts is common knowledge in the community. The main character Claire is a 30 something woman with a fear of commitment who has a magical gift of being able to take the herbs from her garden and create food that influences the eater's feelings. Her aunt Evanelle is compelled to give people “things” which they will need in the near future. To her chagrin and other’s she has no idea why. Her sister, Sydney, whom has recently reappeared after a 10 year disappearance has narrowly escaped a violent relationship with her little girl in tow. All this, combined with a few romantic interests, an apple tree that wishes and acts as if it were human, and you have the magical basis for a very cute story.

Highly recommended for a quick, feel good, romantic, girly read. Read it after a long or short, difficult and/or emotional book.

I would give this book 4 stars. I loved it. Recommended for women with chic lit and paranormal book interests.Book Stats:

Book Stats:

Garden Spells - A Novel

by Sarah Addison Allen

ISBN: 978-0-553-80548-2

pages 290; hardbound

Bantam Books; September 2007

Here are the Amazon links for purchasing the book. US, UK, Canada respectively.

Garden SpellsGarden SpellsGarden Spells

This book serves for 1/2 of the #2, 25 point challenge in Goodread’s NBBC Summer 2009 Reading Challenge.


Jenners said...

I actually enjoy magic realism books -- isn't it a funny term? Alice Hoffman does a good job with these types of books. Nice review.

Unknown said...

Jenners - I've only read one book by Alice Hoffman. I liked it. This is pretty simular with more magic than the one that I read.

Missy B. said...

I just ordered this book today, along with The Sugar Queen from Book Depository USA. The author has a new one coming out in March 2010...I read about it on Bibliophile By The Sea's blog...It is called The Girl Who Chased The Moon.

Unknown said...

Missy -
You know I just saw that book a few minutes ago. I have to read the last one in her series... Garden Spells was so easy to read - refreshing and sweet. I love magical realism. I hope her next to novels are as good.
Can't wait to see what you think about her other two. :)

Missy B. said...

I gave you the incorrect name of the blog that has it as their Waiting On Wednesday. It's Gwendolyn at A Sea Of Books....sorry about that!

Unknown said...

Missy -
I have her in my google reader I think thats where I saw the post today on it... :) Yes thats where I saw it this morn. Thanks


Sugar Queen was just as enjoyable.

..I jumped from Pat's after reading your comment on the cover art.

Unknown said...

Thanks Elizabeth...:)

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