Friday, July 17, 2009

Review - A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi

It was very exciting for me when I received a personally signed copy of A Circle of Souls from the author several weeks ago. It is my first review of a new release. Thanks Dr. Pret!
Mini Synopsis:
There's a serial killer on the loose, in this quiet upper middle class suburb, and he has stumbled upon a little girl. His killings are ritualized and have a psychological connection from his past and an exotic culture. The plot is further embellished by the main characters, a kind child psychiatrist with a fear of commitment, a gorgeous yet slightly damaged FBI agent, and an East Indian girl with a paranormal gift that is linked to her family and cultural background.
A special quote from the novel:
"Sometimes there are forces beyond our comprehension that we may have to accept without questioning their origins."
What I thought about the novel:
I adore thrillers with a medical/psychological flavor in the story line. This book had just enough to interest me and medical references were backed up with explanations making them accessible. It also had cultural interest, where part of this story is rooted in the ancient beliefs of the East Indian culture. I would have loved to see more.
The characters were very likable (except for the bad guy.) There is some gore, but just enough to give you a taste of the violence that has occurred. The language is clean and the writing is easy to follow and flows easily.
I truly enjoyed A Circle of Souls. It was like reading an American thriller, but with a touch of the exotic - just a hint of curry and spice - all blending smoothly into a story that I did not want to finish but couldn't put down. Very appetizing! I'm hoping for a sequel? I give this book 4 stars.

Read a preview.
Author information and book preview - very interesting!
Click on the title link of this post to the book's web site.
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Release Date: June 5, 2009
ISBN: 9781599552354
Pages: 352
Paper back
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc

Available in the US


Libby's Library said...

I loved the book - hope he will write more.
Loved your review;-)

SuziQoregon said...

Yay - sounds great. I just got an email this morning about this book. Hope to read it soon.

Unknown said...

Excellent thanks for the posts Suzi and Nea - I made some typos but fixed them. I think that from now on when I'm feeling under the weather I will wait to post. You live and learn. :)

Anna said...

Sounds like a good one. Thanks for the recommendation.

Diary of an Eccentric

Jessica said...

I've been hearing such great things about this book. I can't wait to get my copy!

Unknown said...

Jessica and Anna -
Yes its a good one. Enjoy!

Book Dragon said...

This is the book I'm reading right now! I mean, I took a break only to schedule a Teaser Tuesday 'cuz I found such a great comment.

He's also on ning's Book Blogs

Unknown said...

Dragon- I think I'm connected with him there. I have multiple ning accounts. I'm loosing track of them!

Eleni said...

Nice review Shellie! I received the book too for review but haven't gotten around to it! But, your review makes me wanna read it soon! :)

Unknown said...

Eleni- its a good read! I think I just became a follower on your blog. :)

ediFanoB said...

Mostly I read fantasy. Bur from time to time I like to poke my nose in something different.
So I read your nice review with interest. And a thriller with hints of spice and curry sounds promising. One more book for my never ending book list :>)

Unknown said...

ediFanoB - I feel exactly the same way - but you have me beat with 1000+ to be read....With this book it won't take you long to read. :)
Loved your post on The Best Sci fi...

Keri said...

Hey Shellie, I have an award for you! Come pick it up at my blog!

Jessica said...

Received my copy in the mail today. I'm excited! :) I really wish I could read faster. I've been "slipping" so many books to the top of my pile, I'm not sure I can get away with it any more. So many wonderful books, I want to read them all at the same time!

Unknown said...

Jessica - A Circle of Souls is a great read. I wish I could read more too. Have you seen the blog "Must read faster". Cute name. You could always get audio versions of the books and listen to them while your sleeping? ;)
Thanks for coming by.

SuziQoregon said...

My copy arrived in the mail today. I'm definitely looking forward to reading it soon.

Unknown said...

SuziQ - your gonna love it. I can't wait for the sequel... have you added him as a goodreads friend yet?

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