Friday, December 20, 2013

Giveaway: The Rainbow Man by P B Kane (and Midwinter’s Eve Hop)

The Rainbow Man - P.B. Kane

Giveaway for The Rainbow Man by P. B. Kane. It’s international and we have two copies.

It’s a young adult paranormal thriller. Here’s a bit more about The Rainbow Man:

When Daniel Routh, together with friends Jill and Greg, and little brother Mikey, discover a body washed up on the beach after a storm, it’s one of the most exciting things ever to happen on the island of Shorepoint. And, as the man in question slowly recovers, he befriends the inhabitants of this small fishing community one by one. Only Daniel suspects something might be wrong with the newcomer, who cannot remember who he is, nor how he came to be there. To start with, this John Dee (as they label him, short for Doe) brings prosperity and happiness with him, but it isn’t long before the tide begins to turn. Then John begins to worm his way into Daniel’s own family, trying to take the place of his late father, and the teenager knows something must be done. Little does Daniel realise that he’s now involved in one of the most ancient conflicts of all time; one that might decide the fate not only of Shorepoint, but of the entire world.

This very special short novel from the imagination of award-winning and bestselling author P.B. Kane (the Arrowhead Trilogy, Lunar, The Butterfly Man), marks his first foray into the realms of YA fiction. With great characterization, emotional impact, action and shock twists, this is a genre release that’s sure to become an instant classic.

Page count: 162 | Genre: YA/Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Thriller/Supernatural/Adventure | Rocket Ride Books | November 15, 2013

For further information we have an informative interview with author P. B. Kane that you can visit by clicking on this text.


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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Great giveaway and blog!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sheila!
Good luck in the contest.

Unknown said...

This sounds like a really great read. Thank you for sharing it and giving us a chance to win!

Unknown said...

Hi Calien -
Good luck with the contest!

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