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Review: The Turning Point ~ by Balasa Prasad, MD and Preetham Grandhi, MD

turning point

Review by Shellie for The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity, and Confidence ~ by Balasa Prasad, MD and Preetham Grandhi, MD

It’s a “tell-it-like-it-is,” down to earth, concise yet readable book which persuades the reader into accepting the true nature of our world (it’s brutal out there) and then choosing a “turning point” to create a happier life.

About:   Written primarily by Dr. Balasa Prasad, a practicing psychiatrist who has developed his Turning Point Plan over 30 plus years. In the book he highlights the human burdens of stress on our physical bodies and our emotional lives; then examines the origins of stress and the importance for us to accept the unchanging “laws of nature”. He also talks about the link between addictions and stress, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and stress. He then moves onto the importance of realizing one’s place in the world, and the responsibility and courage for making changes in our lives. At the end of the book there is a special and insightful section (by Dr. Preetham Grandhi – a child psychiatrist and Prasad’s son in law) on stress in children.

Also an anesthesiologist, Dr. Prasad has cured many of his patients, including those with phobias and addictions. Interestingly he gets to the root of the problem quickly within a few sessions questioning each individual about their past, even administering a “truth serum” which helps them to reveal hidden experiences, traumas, and beliefs. He then suggests in a clearheaded way - logical solutions which amount to choices by the patient so that he/she can move forward and enjoy a less stressful life.

Thoughts:   This is a terrific book (and I’ve read A LOT of self help books). It’s clear and easy to read, and it’s written by two experts in the field. Even better is that it’s slim and accessible, and jammed packed with thoughtful truths about our natures and our world. Also included are case studies and personal examples. In my opinion Dr. Prasad is very grounded and has a extremely clear view of what life is about.

Granted the book may look like many of those fluffy self-help books on the market (with its typical sounding alliteration in the title), however, this book does exactly what it promises. My only negative thought about The Turning Point is that I’m not sure everyone will be able to recognize their own dilemmas - those that are so easy for Dr. Prasad to observe and which are showcased in his book. But hopefully reading his book will push those in need into finding help? I think that if Dr. Prasad and Dr. Grandhi included several sessions using the Turning Point Method with the purchase of the book (I could use a session or two) the book would be perfect!

If you’re going to read a recent book on bettering your life (or give one to a needy, faltering friend or loved one) I think this may be it. It’s direct and packs a punch that may push lost individuals back on track. Highly recommended for looking toward the new year and making significant and important changes for a happier life. This is a 4.5 stars in my opinion.

For more on the book and the authors see the book’s website: http://theturningpointprogram.com/

About the authors:

Dr. Balasa Prasad is a British trained psychiatrist and an American trained, Board Certified Anesthesiologist. He founded his Behavior Management clinic in 1980. He was introduced to Truth Serum Treatments while he was a resident in Psychiatry in England. Over the past two decades, he has perfected “Turning Point Treatments” to treat addictions and phobias.

Dr. Preetham Grandhi is an India-born immigrant, born and raised in the city of Bangalore, India. Preetham’s childhood determination for success and change led to a new life in the USA. A practicing psychiatrist, he found himself working with children and their families in the inner-city Bronx, families who had even more complex issues than his own.

Preetham Grandhi is also the author of A Circle of Souls, which I reviewed when I first started blogging. It’s a wonderful book. To take a look at my review for the book and my first review here on Layers of Thought (it will show you how far I’ve come with my blogging skills – it’s quite good for a giggle) link on the book title’s text.


Alexia561 said...

Love the idea of including a free session with the purchase of the book, as few people are able to see their own flaws (me included!).

Unknown said...

Alexia -
Thank you. A "girl" can dream though.

Free psychiatric therapy with the purchase of a book...LOL.

The thing is I mostly know what my problems are I just can't see what I should do about them. My personal blinder style is like cardboard tubing.... very restricting when it comes to seeing the solutions.

Any how...if I don't chat with you sooner - please have a:

Happy Christmas
(As they say in England.)

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